About Us

Greetings America, we wish you all the joy of the day. Welcome to the 'Official Web Site for 'America's March to Yorktown'. This year, 2006, is the 225th Anniversary of the combined French and American Army March, from Newport/Providence, RI., south to Yorktown, Va., to engage, and defeat, the British General Cornwallis, and bring an end to the major battles of the American Revolution, our War for Independence.

The ''AMtY' is a small, independent grass roots effort by a number of Revolutionary War Re-enactors, and other interested parties. While this event has the interest of various Patriotic and Civic organizations, it is not affiliated with them, in any way. We count the following organizations as friends of 'AMtY'; The Connecticut Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, The Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, the New York State Society of the Cincinnati, The Centennial Legion of Historic Commands, the National W3R Commitee, as well as the W3R Committees of the following States; Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

This event will attempt to re-create the March of the French Army, under the Command of General Rochambeau, from Newport/Providence, Rhode Island to Philipsburg, NY (present day Dobbs Ferry, NY), during the dates of June 18th to July 6th, 2006. This follows, to the Day, and the Original Route, the march of the French Army, from Rhode Island, to camp in New York, at Philipsburg, where they joined with Gemeral Washington's Army, around the environs of New York City. The two Armies stayed at Philipsburg for some 6 weeks before moving, on August 18th, toward their final destination...Yorktown and General Cornwallis, on the 1st of October, or there about. This movement was facilitated by communications with the French Naval Fleet, under the Command of AdmiralDe Grasse. The combination of the French Navy, as well as the French and American Armies, brought to a conclusion, the British hold on North America.

Elsewhere in this web site, you will find links to other Historical sites that can direct you to more detailed information concerning troop movement, battle plans, and naval movements of all three combatants, the American Army, the French Army and Navy, as well as the British Army and Navy.

You should also find here, information about the W3R, (Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route) the Original Route and March, and the 225th Anniversary March itself. You will also find our Sutlery, in which you can contribute to this effort by the purchase of items that will go directly toward the financing of this endeavor. The core committee, of some 8 individuals, has agreed to finance this effort as best we can, from our own pockets, contributions and sales. We have been fortunate enough to secure some items for sale that reflect directly on the Original Campaign and your purchase of these articles will go directly into the financing requirements of this event, including, but not limited to, the following.....gasoline and vehicle repairs and upkeep, food, insurance, fees, daily needs, etc. Please be so kind as to help us in that regard..... you may purchase, or donate outright, to help this event run to its conclusion.

We will have a daily blog, on line, so that you may keep a daily track of where we are, and when we might arrive in your neighborhood. Thank you for your interest in 'America's March to Yorktown', we lookforward to seeing you along the way. We are but Patriots, marching for history, for all of you, for America, and for our French allies. This is a once-in-a-life-time effort. "Marching in the Footsteps of History.... each step less important than the ideal....the glory less important than the deed"...... America's March to Yorktown"