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March Date #2, Sunday, June 18th

Greetings Friends, please excuse the very tardy action report, it has been difficult communicatiing with head quarters for the last couple of days as we travelled through rural Rhode Island and Connecticut. We last sent message that we were leaving Andover, Ct. to assemble in the Town of Providence, and there to move the troop west toward New York. Indeed, the troop did rendevous as planned and has been on the move the past 5 days, as I write this to you...all the last preparations were made and the troops have assembled, at 8:35 am for the blessing and a toast to our good success. That finally accomplished, the troops step off at 9:20.. of the Clock in the Morning. The Troops, David Holloway, Mike Fitzgerald, David Fagenberg, Lee Anderson, are accompanied by the baggage train being drovered by Rose Morin and Richard Swartwout.

The baggage train immediately goes the wrong way and by the time we get turned ariound, (much to our chagrin) the troop has moved substantially up the road. We see them with Lydia, who stopped to ask, what's up.....a short time later, young Christian stops by, on Scituate Road, with his Dad to offer succor to the troop, which was well recieved. It is hot, in the 90's, and humid, the troop is in Regimentals, much to my displeasure, but they are determined. so be it.....the first Lunch break is 5.2 miles out, at the 'Shepard of the Valley United Methodist Church'. The lawn is dark and green, with some tree cover, for shade. The troop feasts on tuna and bread, with liquid refereshment.......I am in serious trouble as I have rubbed Martha against a pole and damaged the night curtain. The General is not very happy about that, I can assure you,.... krap-o-la!

We move along, shortly after being visited by Master Paul Graham, of Waterman's Tavern, our destination for the evening. The day is unbearably unrelenting, hot/humid, hot/humid..did I say it was hot/humid...at Lunch shoes are removed, inspect feet for blisters, dry out the clothing in the sun.....we have two more water stops.and arrive at the Kent Dam, while there two members of the 2nd Rhode Island stop to chat, and take a pic...they decline to join with us and that seem pretty smart, me thinks........

At 3:30 of the Clock in the Afternoon we arrive at Waterman's Tavern, (Camp #2, Providence being Camp #1), after 13.2 miles of travel.the troop is well received, by the Graham's, and friends. They are pretty tapped out and tis time to try to refresh them as best we can...

Some time later, they are on their feet and taking nourishment, and remarkably seeming not much worse for wear, it seems. The Innkeeper offers a repast of beef and vegetables, with seasonal salad, well received. Later, in the evening, we share some Grand Manier, supplied by the toop, the Innkeeper offers French Country Ale (smooth and wheaty), and the earnest good talk begins. a tour of the Tavern is offered and accepted, and Lady Rebecca finally has a moment to join with us (two small children, Young Henry and Elizabeth of the good smile keeping her extremely busy). The Lady, dark and mysterious, yet alluring was good company........we shall miss them all....the Innkeeper gifted us with a bottle of Newport Rochambeau French Red Table Wine, which we decided to open upon arrival at Yorktown,.....Bon Jour Innkepper, you are in our fond thoughts......blessing to you and yours. until again.....

For 'Amty'
Camp #2,
Coventry, Rhode Island