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March Date #3, June 19th, Monday

Greetings Friends of AMtY.

We have an early rise this morning at Camp 2, in Coventry, we must arrive at Camp #3 in Plainfield, in the Colony of Connecticut before the sun sets.....early breakfast, courtesy of Innkeeper Graham, gives us a good foundation for the travels of the day. It is hot very early, again, no breeze to speak of, and the troop decides to travel sans Regimentals, with my most hearty endorsement. Camp is packed, picked clean and ready to go. We say words over the good book, as is our habit upon leaving the safety of the camp. The troop does not seem to impress the barnyard animals that we pass, and the heat is very much.....while out on advance picket with the bagage train, I come across Young Julie, walking picket on Waterman's Hill road.....she announces our arrival to her Mother, and the alarm has been struck. They travel with us as guides for a short while and then point the way to us.......we are 3 miles out from Waterman's. We travel through the country side, following the #14 road, 3 more miles to the Connecticut border.....We travel through Rice City, RI, and shortly thereafter enter Oneco, Conn. at 11:00 am, 8.5 miles from the Tavern.

While we wait for the toop to catch up to the baggage train, (yeah I know, this is backward, but thats how we are doing it) we stop at the Sterling Memorial School and give a presentation to approx. 200 students and teachers there........

We move onto Plainfield, Conn. were Dan Rizer stops by to ask if we need help.....no, we are fine we say, just waiting for the Army to catch us up........

We arrive at Plainfield Cental School, courtesy of Jerri Davis and Russ Hart, and camp there for the evening, we will giving a presentation to approx. 150 students the next morning. Lee Anderson is called back by headquarters and must leave immediately. We take him by fastest carriage, to his own, and he is off in the early evening, perhaps to be with us again down route somewhere......it is a 16 mile walk today and we arrive at 4:30 of the clock in the Afternoon. The school has the showers opened for us, and Principal Davis shares his stash of Cherry Popsicles with us (this man knows how to make friends and influence people) (grins)...........after having to return Lee back to his Carriage, I arrive back a Camp #3, tired, and still dirty.....I would rather go to bed and I do.......at something like 2:00 of the Clock in the Morning Comes a knock, knock, knocking at my door..I bolt awake (no this is NOT Edgar Allen Poe), a light flashes my eyes and the voice says,"Sir, I am investigating reports of folks camping, with tents on school grounds' "Well Officer" I said, "those reports are correct" After much questioning, and answering, he decided that perhaps homeland security was still indeed safe for the populace (hm, we had set up the camp, on school grounds, at 4:00 of the Clock in the Afternoon, afterall...........and well, all is well that ends well...night falls again or is it morning now?????

For, 'AMtY'