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March Date June 27th, Tuesday, Day 11

Marching from Camp 8 at Marion, Ct (Barnes Tavern ---Southington, Ct) to Camp 10 at Breakneck, at Middlebury, Ct.

Greetings AMtY Friends, I trust all is well and the joy of the day to you.....

We are leaving the good park at Panthorn, this am, in Southington (Marion) and going to Breakneck.....again, reveille' at Six of the Clock in the Morning. This was indeed a good home for the evening, hot water in the waterclosets, and the krppes flush, nor had we ever seen the like... I am just recalling that we have been given a video cam by one of the local cable companies but none of us has the time, or techno to be able to operate it. Tis a shame really...... any volunteers out there. We only have aout 550 miles to go!!!!!!

So, we arise early, as is our want. We think we must leave by seven of the clock in the morning, this day, and we almost do it. We move off at 7:05 only to be flanked by the Southington Rochambeau Committee. We were intending to take a side road to the Southington Hill (big momma, you know...perhaps we could sneak up on it). The hill is a 10% grade for almost a mile and a half, the longest in this here Colony of Connecticut. As we round the corner we are met by the SR Comm. Now, Linda R., of this committee, had come out to the camp at Panthorn, last evening, with ice for us. (That is always acceptable, by the way).

Keith J., the local Postmaster of Marion station, came out with his child, and made a donation as well. Many thanks to you both. There is a 'rochambeau camped here' sign on the 322 road just acros from the Post Office.

So, here we are, going out to see if we can sneak up this mountain somehow, and lo behold, the SR Comm. awaits. Ambushing us as we come around th corner of School St, heading west. There is plethora of French Regimental Flags being carried, and many greetings of warmth and affection. We are ataken back with most pleasant surprise. Mike suggests that perhaps we may take the flags o Yorktown with us, and after there, return them to the committee. We shall portrait ourselves with them there. All are in gleel assertion, and before we step-off again, we are treated to the French Naional Anthem as sung by the young Master Daniel Dietz, (in perfect French, a language he does not know), sure to be a favorite in King Louis's Court. This is a wonderful moment of comradeship and support and our many heartfelt thanks to the SR Comm. folks: Bert, Carl, Vicki, Charles, Kirk, Dan, Ellie, Brian and Linda. WE offer the good book blessin and all join hands on the Book, including the Committee. And off again, with marvelous houghts, yet interrupted again but shortly up the road as we are presented with commemortive shirts....the giving is not stopping and we are mildly embarased by the riches received, again......

Finally under way to the big Momma Mtn., the troop heads out and I go about 3/4 of the way to the top, stopping so that they might refresh before reaching the peak. And it is about this time I see a kindly. older woman, grandmotherly sit-down-and-eat pancakes-with-me type, churning up the hill. We wave to each other and she tells me he boys are on the way. Do you climb this hill every day, I ask. She says, when she can, and since she is 65, it is getting harder all the time, and off she goes. Some minutes later, the boys chug, marveling in amazement at the woman who had come up behind them, chatted with them while they were all walking Big Momma, and then proceeded to walk away from them, uphill, leaving them in her dust.......look out for Grnm Road Warrior in your neighborhood.

We enter the center of Waterbury, a beautiful Green surounded by the Captains of industry. While snug, and picturesque, the place did not seem warm and friendly and move through it to a bit further down the road

Stephen Shaw joins with us there and continues with us to the camp at Breakneck..........now we are 4 walking today, and it is early afternoon. We pass under the 8 road and move along. We move into Middlebury and onto the really bicycle path that the Town offers. We have no camp plans and are figuring we will find a road side spot. but upon arrival, and within two hours, we have a camp next to the Town Hall, and showers offered at the Westover School (private school of girls, but we saw nary a one, it being after hours when they let us in.) This may be the most picturesque Town Center in America, at least it gets my vote. We are surrounded by wonderful early style architecture and others styles equally appealing. This place is unabashedly gorgeous. Some of the local papers show up, for story and pics. We finally set the camp and sit for dinner. Tis another Good Nurse offering from Rose, a very tasty beef stew, soft on the chew, long on the savor......

The remarkable turn around in the camp, from roadside to Town Hall was accomplished with the help of Catherrine P., of the DAR, Betty P. of the Park and Rec Dept., and Steve L. and Larry O. at Westover School. thanks so very much folks for your support of AMtY.

We really appreciated the late showers. Tis a daily ritual so sorely missed when not forthcoming........like one of those games that America loves, we were about to vote someone off the march, or at least 50 yards, before they were saved that humiliation by the hot water spicket........

After the late showers and a fini to the vino, we bid the day adieu and head for the beds, again wondering at our luck......morning seems to come to soon, and the evenings too, are .......can we be possibly be approaching Camp 10, Newtown, already??? Indeed, we are.........until the morrow

For AMtY
Moving to Camp 10