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March Date, Monday June 26th, Day 10

Greetings Friends of AMtY, the joy of the day to you.

It is early morning here in Farmington, and we awake in the yard of Corbett Manor. At least we try to awake, tis a bit difficult to struggle up from the wine induced sleep, methinks. But we struggle on, duty calls... (grins)

Tis another in a recent line of overcast and dreary days in the Connecticut Valley. We quickly gather the carriages and repair to Post Office Square to do our morning ablutions, have a break-fast, and await the arrival of the days troop. We are to be joined again by Dr. Richard, as well as KeLeigh, Zack, Olivia and Caleb. I am sure that we will have portraits of all posted in the Gallery, soon.

At 7:15 of the Clock in the Morning, we place our hands on the Good Book, and the troop departs, going to camp #8, at Marion, Ct. It is indeed another oppressive weather day. While the troop moves off, Rose goes back to Corbett Manor to offer thanks for our delightful sojourn there, and to offer apologies for our rather rapid departure from there in the morning.

The weather, a constant source of concern gives it all today, moments of sun, rain, wind, sun, heat, humidity and all not in any particular order that I can be oblidged to make sense of. And the rate of walk seems to be very slow today, can it be the wine still making its mischief, perhaps the rapid traffic all about us, or the low pressure storm front..probably a chaotic mix of all three, delivered at random and at the will of the Great Architect of the Universe....... Oh, great master, relieve us of this burden.

Well, not just yet as we certainly have not even crossed the Colony of Connecticut, yet. We take a break at the 2 mile mark to check on the younguns, and it is here that I meet with Charles Motes of the Town of Southington Health Department, coming out of the local coffee cafe. We chat a bit and it is then that I learn he has an official capacity. He enquires as to where we might be staying and I can only answer by the side of the road in Marion, somewhere. He suggests that he will make a call to the parks dept.

We break for lunch 9 miles out from Farmington, a long stay, and the weather finally seems to moderate, thank you Lord..... We are the junction of the 10 road and the 120 road..... The kids still seem energetic but that does not translate to the troop, camp is quiet, the troop eating, then rain, then sun... tis not over yet I fear.

We move off, on the 10 road and I set aside the road, awaiting the arrival of the troop. We have been doing this, the carriages moving in front of the troop, waiting for them to reach, and then refreshing them. I wait,....and wait....and wait, no troop. I grab the communication gear and walk back a 1/2 mile or so, fearing the worst on this busy road........the bell rings and the troop is located, already at our destination. They were directed by the locals ( Richard 'Jiggi' Egidio of the Southington Parks and Rec Dept) to another version of the Rochambeau march roadway. I gather up the carriage and meet them further down the road, we are allowed, by the Town of Southington, to stay at Panthorn Park. Very nicely cared for, quiet, peaceful.

We take a meal, offered by KeLeigh, earlier in the day. She has left us with a Chicken Pot Pie, and an Apple pie, we warm both over a campfire, only our second fire of the trip so far......the food is homecooked, and delicious. KeLeigh is a home cooking kind of Gal as well as home schooling her children..... thanks KeLeigh, perhaps we meet again soon.......She, the Children and Dr. Richard have been returned to their carriages, and the troop is on its own for the evening. Dr. Richard, I hazard to guess, is our 'unofficial liason' with the French Community here in New England. Doc., you have been terrific, thanks for all you taught us, about hiking and aging with grace, strength and dignity, our thoughts are with you.......

We have been met at the park by the Town Historian, Carl Sokolowski,and Linda Reilly of the local Rochambeau Committee. They shall see us off in the morning. Luis Jones of the Boy Scouts, has presented us with flags, one the French Tri-color (current flag) and a W3R Banner, that we shall carry along wih us, as we progess down-route. We were at the beginnning ceremonies in Rhode Island back on the 17th June, not knowing we were going to end up as the 'Official Carriers' of these Boy Scout momentos.....finally, after what truly became a longer day than it had any right to do, we close the camp.........tired, perhaps really exhausted and sleep is the order of the evening.........zzzzzzzz!

For 'AMtY'
Camp 8
Marion., Ct