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March Date, Friday, June 30th, Day 14

It's all about the boys..........

Greetings friends of AMty. Perhaps this missive shall be sent before my computer is invaded by an online greeting card, and my work obliterated............remind me to never buy from them, this is the second time........

Tis a lazy early morning here at Camp in Monroe (FYI....... the French army did not camp at Monroe, but the Cavalry, under Lauzon. The folks in Monroe asked us to help them celebrate, and we agreed). We are in the process of several camp duties, but mostly to relax, refresh and renew. We are set about cleaning muskets, chatting with folks about the Yorktown March, etc. Rose tends to mending tears and reattaching buttons.

I, David, and Rose leave Monroe for the short trip back to Newtown for an eleven of the clock ceremony of the Rochambeau Plaque unveiling/dedication on the grounds of the Hawley School.
Again, many dignitaries are in attendance, and our line is extended b Lt. Johnson of the Horse Guard...... short speeches are delivered, and we gladly fire a 3-musket salute. Vive la France et le Comte de Rochambeau et ton armee!!! We are engaged in a chat with Ellie B. who presents us with commemorative patches by Southbury Boy Scout Troop 162 and a monetary donation. Merci, tous-le-monde.

Back on the Monroe Green, Gordon reappears, .....you all remember Gordon, for sure, from a couple of my last dispatches. He has brought with him a copy, a boxed set really, of the Rice & Brown Volumns concerning the Rochambeau March, including copies of Original Documents as well as a terrific map done by the French Engineers. What a treasure and hard to find these days.

He also spends some time re-telling his march of 1976, all the organizing it took, the huge budget (some $40,000 in 1976). We think, here we are, the We Five (apologies to the group of the same name) and a budget of $2500.

After Gordon departs, we tour the Masonic Lodge from an invitation by Past Master, Gary D. I recall being in their lodge some 8 years ago.

Later in the afternoon, we are preparing for an arrival in camp of three troops of Cub and Boy Scouts. They will be camping on the Green with us for tonight. So, we are almost overcome by the frenetic energy of the boys. I wonder if I was like that, but my Mother asures me that, indeed, it was so. We set up out sutlery so that we might sell some artifacts to help finance this endeavor, and it is well received by the good folks of Monroe. Indeed, our sutlery time is well spent thanks to the interest and support of the Monroe citizens.......

The scouts arrive and the camp is in full force. We manage to again light the Town's Christmas Tree, and light off our own campfire. We sup on the promised pizza and spirits. Geez, I am surprised that there has been no 'hard cider'. Much publick comes out to stroll about the tree-lit green, visit our camp and chat about our reenactment of this wonderful historical event. And lo...behold....one visitor is Pauline Z. from Woodbridge, accompanied by her spouse Dick and other family members Jim, Pam, Grace and Jack. Pauline greets us like family and we realize she is the sister of Doctor Richard, our daily walker of 3 days from East Longmeadow, retired oral surgeon who smoked our boys up the hill toward Bolton.....remember Doctor Richard???

The townsfolk and even further travelers like Pauline have made our day.

I have agreed to give a presentaion to the Scouts, concerning the Rochambeau March, as well as an overview of the Yorktown Campaign. So. later in the evening, we gather at the campfire, and chat Revolution.......... frankly, to my surprise, it goes pretty well, and seems well received. We are satisfied as well, and as soon as all comunication channels are open, we intend to share the portraits of the evening. Tis' not long after, that we call it a night, a most pleasent day in the Count Lauzon's Camp, in Monroe. On the morrow we shall need to return to Newtown to disembark again, on the trail of the Army.

Richard Swartwout
For, 'AMtY'
in Monroe
near Camp 10