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March Date, Thursday, July 29, Day 13

Regrettably, we have been without communication with HQ for some days as we pass into the Tory Zone. Communication links have been interrupted for days, and we are just now able to file a number of past dispatches. I can't believe we actually pay for such crappy service, America......... now, off my soap box and onto the dispatches.......

Establishing Camp on the Monroe Green, or.......
Dave Departs and the tree dies.....

The Troop is scheduled to rest these two days. We are alert at 7:00 of the Clock in the Morning. Major Janice A., Commanding the 2nd Horse, supplies a brief repast to help us energize the move from Newtown to Monroe. We gather around the 'joe', chat up a storm, horses are being cared for, the troop is rising, dressing, breaking camp. We will remove the headquarters to the Monroe Town Green, for the next two days.

We bid goodbye to our friends at 2nd Horse. Please accept our most kind gratitude for your hospitality.

The troop arrives at Monroe at nine of the clock in the morning, Thursday and is met by Richard O. He is our host here. He has worked hard to make our stay here comfortable. In short order, we know it to be so. Meals come unbidden, other facilities as well.

Dave, our companion for the past fortnight, has been called to Fort Niagra, on the western frontier. We do expect that he will rejoin us down route.

After a quick tour of the local environs, we set camp. The Green has an Episcopal and Congregational Church, Town Offices and a Masonic Lodge surrounding. We set the Baggage Carriages and set camp, glad to be at rest for 2 days. Tents go up, dining fly too, and a firepit is dug. We get out the fire sets, pots and kindling. "All we need now," says Mike...."is some firewood." A couple of minutes later, not 5 minutes for sure, Mike hears a loud CRACCKK, as a tree not 50 yards from us, crashes into to the road. Eureka, Huzzah!!! The tree has missed a carriage, Mike runs to assure the occupant's safety. She is shook up, screaming..."it fell in front of me...my car!" Mike shouts, "Firewood, firewood!!" We need to be careful what we wish for, but the universe has replied. After the death of the tree, we secure a wheelbarrow and forage the wood. Campfire for the night has been assured. Rose manages to get some laundry done.....

Mike C , a former member of the 6th Connecticut, checks in and offers to bring dinner. Wow, what a dinner it was! With salamagundi (salad), clams on the half shell, followed by a pasta creation with shrimp, scallop, clam and squid in a sauce divine. His Lady Maggie stops by and is good to see her as well....

We've powered up the town's Christmas tree much to our own delight. The town seems not to notice, the lamps and the lodge and the houses of worship are all lit up. 'Tis truly a delightful scene here.

Fire is glowing, troop is at rest, the town warm in offering. We chat, and succumb to the pull of the night. Yes, camp 10...home for 2 days.

Richard Swartwout
at Camp #10
Monrie, Ct.
June 29th