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March Date, Tuesday, July 4th, Day 18th

In camp at North Castle, 2 days...or......birthdays and celebrations

We awake in the morning to soldiers strewn about like so many used beer mugs. We tidy the yard, stow the gear, wish our hosts the very best of life. Tis truly was a night to remember, this July 4th eve, in North Castle. We must move on to other Camp ground for the next two days. I realize, unfortunately, that we have missed Gen. Rochambeau's Birthday, he is to be 281 years old, this July 1st past. We agree to toast him, albeit lately, in the evening time. Seems he is a bit old, aye??

Our hosts are also departing, for parts other than here, and we all hug, and wish the best about. We are moving to the Smith Tavern, in the town of Armonk, NY, with the good wishes of Sharon S., our host to be, there, from the North Castle Historical Society. They are holding a lunch repast there for us, and indeed we are in need of food to clear our minds and restore our energy.

We arrive at Smith Tavern, and there is a repast awaiting us. We indulge ourselves, much to our satisfaction. The meal is home cooked, again, and is terrific. Not sure we could eat again so quickly after last evenings feast, but we devour with gusto.

The Smith Tavern is a National Historic Site, and has 4 buildings in residence. The Original Tavern, a blacksmith shop, a school house and a Quaker Meeinghouse. The last 3 buildings are not original to the site, but they all compliment nicely. We tour the buildings, our host leaves, but not before allowing us to stay as long as we please. Tis good, for we surely did not want to go back to the Hospital carriage lot. We set camp for what will be a two day stay.

The day is again a hazy, humid, lazy day, hot, hot, hot...... alomst overbearing. We read, and wash clothes, and wash carriages, wash ourselves, anything to be near the tube of cold water. Generally, the day passes in mindless duty. We remember to toast the Gen. Rochambeau ..... and ourselves (of course). It turns out to be a true rest day indeed, with none to disturb us.... the rest is complete... the afternoon slides into evening. We have been told that the Quaker Meetinghouse may be haunted..... we may have something to say about that. Mike C. is approaching the house when he is startled by a flash of light, Mike F. on the inside of the building, reports the same. It seems it is a bit indefineable, but something definitely happens. We have no remedy for the siting and decide, indeed, it is a spirit, mischievous perhaps, but not dangerous. Evening slides into night, perhaps a most enchanted one, we shall see..... night slides into slumber and I retire early to await the morrow......the troop is still about, but quiet.

Happy Birthday America.......

Richard Swartwout
Smith Tavern
near Camp 13,
North Castle, NY