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Greetings all, from America's.....

.......MARCH to Yorktown. It has become apparent to us, during this adventure, that a lot of you really don't know what we are doing, in spite of my best efforts to tell you. So, here is a brief recap, in 21st Century speak, of 'America's March to Yorktown'.

Some 8 months ago, a small, grass-roots, and independent effort was begun to consider the idea of 'ACTUALLY WALKING' the entire W3R (as it is now affectionally called). Frankly, we were interested in doing an Historic Trek and, as this is the 225th Anniversary of the Washington-Rochambeau March to Yorktown, we decided to do it. We thought of this idea some 6 years ago after doing a two-day trek, here in Connecticut, following the roads that the Connecticut Militia took to go to Cambridge, after the actions at Lexington and Concord.

After some e-mailing, we were able to see that the idea had merit, and support, with others willing to join with us in some sort of capacity.

It was decided that we would WALK THE ENTIRE ROUTE, FROM PROVIDENCE TO YORKTOWN. Yes, I said WALK, because some of you sem to think that we are just driving the route. (like some did 25 years ago) If that were the case we would have called it something else, like maybe, 'America Drives to Yorktown' or perhaps, 'Bussing the W3R, the Road Ahead', (grins).

Yes, inded, we are WALKING, and that is the goal....to do what has not been done, in it's entirety, since 1781.......walking all the way. As did the Army then, we do have a Baggage Train with us, (modern vehicles, of course, we could not find horse/wagon willing to go the whole way, or even part of the way for that matter).

Now, because we are ACTUALLY WALKING THE ROUTE, you must understand that we have limited time, available to us, to show up at an event you have planned. It is just not that easy, as we are moving approx. 15 miles a day, ON FOOT. We have worked with folks, so far, that are willing to amend their schedules a bit, so that we might be a part of what they want to do, in the way of celebrations. However, we do not have the luxury to go much out of our way, or out of our daily time schedule, to accomodate your requests, because WE ARE WALKING.... NOT DRIVING, NOT IN A BUS..... BUT WALKING TO YORKTOWN.

We absolutely do appreciate,and solicit all your enthusiasm, your help, your offers of assistance, as we can not do this without you, very easily.

Also, please keep in mind that WE ARE FOLLOWING THE 1781 ARMY SCHEDULE, AND ROUTE AS BEST WE CAN. This means we are slave to what they did, when they did it, and where they did it. This is an HISTORIC TREK, BASED ON THE FRENCH AND AMERICAN ARMY MOVEMENTS, DURING THE YORKTOWN CAMPAIGN.

Originally, the French Army moved from Newport/Providence, RI to Philipsburg (now Greenburgh, NY), from June 10th to July 6th. We have completed that part of the TREK, exactly 225 years to the day that the French did it in 1781. This means that we moved along on the same day as the army, camped on the same day as the army, as near to the original army camp site as we could logistically get, and arrived at each of our destinations (camps) exactly 225 years, to the day, after the Original marchers did it. Most of you have followed our adventure through the daily posts to www.marchtoyorktown.org and we thank you for that.

That web-site also shows our schedule, and will show the projected schedule, and routes, of the 2nd phase of the march, in the next fortnight or so.

When the French moved to New York, arriving July 6th, they met with General Washington and the Continentals there, staying some six seeks around New York, before moving toward Yorktown, on or about August 18th. Having completed the walking trek from Providence to Philipsburg, we are now in that 6 week camp time. We are engineering the route down south, we are repairing gear, we are fund raising and doing all those things that need to be done before we step off on Phase 2, from Philipsburg to Yorktown, on or aboput Aug. 18th. That will take approx. 6 weeks, and we expect to arrive at Yorktown on Oct. 1st. Why so long you ask????...because we are walking.

I hope that this missive will gently clear the air about 'America's March to Yorktown' and our efforts to complete this Historic Trek, while helping you all pay due respect to those that went before us....

In a day or so, we shall resume our historical commentary, concerning the times of 1781, the soldiers, the camps, the thoughts, the route, the weather and, of course, the military and political actions of the Yorktown Campaign. Should be quite the adventure.........Thanks so much for your support....

For 'AMtY',
I Remain,
At Your Service,
Richard Swartwout