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March Date August 19, 2006

March Day 64

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

And this is the day we have all anticipated....the march resumes from Odell House in Greenburgh to Mount Kisko NY, for 17 miles. David, Mike, Dave, Dana and Zack depart Odell House now with 2 flags fluttering in the breeze. David still carries the Bourbonnais regimental flag, purple and blue squares accented by a centered white cross, slightly repaired from the first half of our journey, but impressive nonetheless.

Dana now carries King Louis' flag, pure white with 3 golden fleur-de-lis in the upper corner, also with a centered white cross, given to us as we passed through Southington, CT and one of a group of flags made by the Girl Scouts which we continue to carry to Yorktown.

We continue the tradition of a departing prayer, in English and French, all convinced that a higher power than any of us combined, has so far ensured our safety and success. We step off in the late summer morning sunshine, the marchers handsome in their uniforms and determined in their mission. Rose drives the big rig for the first time and manages the hills and town traffic of White Plains accompanied by a flock of stomach butterflies. Keleigh drives smaller support absolutely determined that she will get lost.

Today's route is a back-track of the previous phase, bringing us past the Kensico Reservoir on our way into Armonk. This area was green, lush and picturesque when we last passed through here 6+ weeks ago....now for almost a mile along the shore, the mature trees have been savagely snapped off at various angles, victims of a wind storm (tornado?) during our absence. What would have been the consequences had the French army been passing through at the same time?

Arrangements have been made, thanks to Brian Skanes and Ken Novenstern, for the night's camp at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester (showers!), across the street from Westchester County hospital. Rose kisses the ground on arrival, first day of safely delivering the support rig. As we set camp, we are visited by Andre Ferrara, an Italian-born Frenchman avec un accent Francais, excited about our arrival and bearing gifts of wine, blackberry brandy, and stories of the American Society of Le Souvenir Francais. Seems a relative of his is responsible for the Rochambeau plaque placement at the front of the hospital grounds. John Stockbridge, President of the Bedford Historical Society also visits bearing fresh sweet corn to accompany our dinner feast arranged and delivered by Ken Novenstern and catered by Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua.

We have truly been blessed.

The rains come about 8 o'clock and continues with heavy showers throughout the night, but we are safe, together, tummies full and surrounded with loving and caring people. Mon Dieu, merci bien pour tous les cadeaux aujourd'hui.

Avec Amour,