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March Date Monday August 21, 2006. March Day 66

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

Another beautiful late summer day dawns in this town of Yorktown Heights, New York. The group has enjoyed the Hunt's Tavern hospitality and the community friendship, but is anxious to break camp - our destination is Verplanck, the King's Ferry, some 14 miles to the west. To see the great North River, the Hudson will indeed be a welcome sight. We bid adieu to Madame Freyer and begin our march toward Peekskill.

Many locals acknowledge our passing, but most attentive is Brian Howard who prints a local publication for the citizens called the Journal News. He strikes up a lively conversation with Mike and sketches Mike's and Zack's pose at the Riverfront Green Park in Peekskill. This effectively draws a small crowd and when the purpose of our journey becomes known, we receive a generous donation from Armine H., his wife Renate, daughter Ingrid and grandson Spencer who are marketing in this town from Ossining. Seems they have emigrated from Heidelberg and are sympathetic to the American effort. They convey a great hope of victory to us all.

As we near King's Ferry, the excitement grows with each glimpse of the water in the distance. The remaining 3 miles is open country, without relief of shade, and very hot, but the fresh smell of the river becomes stronger with each step and finally we are at its bank, gazing at the small waves of grey/blue water and the green rising hills of both shores. It is too much....we are overcome. Waistcoats and gaitors, bodices and petticoats are shed. In britches and chemises, we plunge into the river. We are quite the site for the local inhabitants!

We camp here this night, and many people visit to satisfy their curiosity, or to share what little they have. With a few gold coin, we procure a delicacy of blue crabs from a grinning fish-monger. Our supper of steamed crab....exquisite.

We retire to our tents again with full bellies, our bodies cleansed by the river, and we fall to sleep listening to the lap of the waves against the wharf and thanking our Provider for this night. A demain.

Avec amour,