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March Date Saturday August 26, 2006 March Day 71

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

We wake this morning to the sound of the rain again, but what is that strange s-s-s-s sound? The library lawn sprinklers have automatically turned on and 'tis indeed raining inside and out. Seems Zack and Dana have set up their tent atop one of those modern devices. Maureen and Rosemary scramble for the turn-off valve!

These same dedicated ladies provide us with bagels, danish, donuts, juice and coffee and we view their impressive Rochambeau march display in the front foyer of the library, carbing up for the day.

We set off for the day's journey, some 15 miles from these most accomodating townfolk of Pompton to the next town of Whippany NJ. We would truly like to take Rosemary and Maureen with us. Our police escort arrives about 4 miles down route 202 and is with us as we stop for a reception at the Doremus homestead, the site where General Washington commanded a stop for rest and refreshement for the troops. Thanks to Kathy Fisher of the Montville historic society and Dick Seabury of the Morris County Park Commission, we are all served the same period fare as 225 years ago - cider, bread, cheese, apples and peaches. Many photographs are taken and we are interviewed by the local publication Daily Record.

A second memorial stop is made at the Rockaway River bridge where our marchers place a wreath given by the Montville VFW chapter. The bronze marker notes that 2 of General Wahington's armies had crossed there and Frank Warholic of the VFW gave - in part - these words: "Today our heritage is being expressed by these reenactors of our Revolutionary War. They have walked, so to say, in the company of the spirits of the brave men who have walked before them. When freedom had to be fought for or abandoned, they chose to fight....it was Divine providence that all these men came together for the birth of America.....God bless our military old and new."

We complete the day's destination...the French camp currently the site of Lucent Technology Park on Whippany Road, and group camps for the night at Old Troy Park.
The Washington arrives at the park before the marchers, as is usual, and I busy myself with chores of hand laundry, mending and writing the logs of which you now read. (I have stopped kissing the ground on each arrival!) Of course behind these exceptional marchers, there is a definitely a woman.

Carrie Fellows of the Morris County Cultural and Heritage Affairs arrives at the park and waits for the marchers' arrival. She, the Seaburys and other wonderful giving folk have supplied our dinner - a burger & hotdog cookout, complete with all the fixins and desserts to tempt any sweet tooth. We have a great social time and it is dark when everyone departs and we prepare our beds. No tentage tonight, as the group chooses to sleep under the impressive pavillion that is a center attraction of this small serene park. Many deer curiously watch us from the edge of the wood.
We retire, thankful and grateful to all our new friends and supporters met along the road, and to our Great Provider who has kept us safe and in his care. A demain.

Avec amour,