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March Date Sunday August 20, 2006

March Day 65

Good Day to All March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

The rains have stopped by early morning and as the day's march consists of 8+ miles, the early risers delay reveille until 7 AM. As we will prepare to get underway during the next hour, perhaps the canvas will only be damp rather than dripping when the camp is struck. I catch glimpses of blue sky amid the clearing clouds. As the tents come down, we receive an early morning visitor - it is our energetic Frenchman Andre Ferrara from the American Society of Le Souveir Francais, come to take our pictures as we depart Mt.Kisko. We oblige him in front of the Rochambeau plaque on the hospital grounds, the plaque that Shirley Porter was responsible for having erected there and which Andre maintains. He has brought his lovely wife Armella and we all bow in French prayer offered by Andre. They bid us adieu et bonne chance, and the troops are off. The flags are flying proudly again.

Keleigh and Rose go on a scouting mission of the day's route to assure that the Washington rig can be maneuvered on the turns/curves/hills by such an inexperienced driver. One day on the road driving a 48 foot rig hardly makes me experienced!

An alternate road or two for Martha is found and after delivering me back to the Girls/Boys club, Keleigh departs as walker support vehicle.

Todays march brings the group through narrow winding country roads, past the picturesque Croton reservoir, with a stop at Hilltop Hanover Farm, invited by the historical society to view the remains of the American earthwork fortifications at Crow Hill.

We arrive at the night's camp at the original Hunt's Tavern, now the site of Freyer Florists in Yorktown Heights. Anna Freyer has most graciously welcomed us to use her land for our camp, visits us with daughter Darlene. (If course I kiss the ground as I turn off Martha's ignition.)

Again, the camp is set for the night, tents erected and as the group relaxes, we are visited by a very distinguished visitor. It is Shirley Porter and she carries with her a folder filled with souvenirs of our current march. Madame Shirley walked the French army route from Bedford NY to Mt.Kisko, ALONE, during the 1976 Bicentennial year, and she states, "I then went home and made dinner for my family." This is the same lady who is responsible for the Rochambeau plaque in Mt.Kisko. She and her pastor husband live in Mahopac NY and made a special trip to visit us. Of course we took pictures with the group. It is an honor to meet this lady.

Thanks to Tom Travis and Monica Doherty, the Yorktown Heights historical society has arranged a dinner feast for us at the Presbyterian church, all dishes prepared by the members - roast chicken, pasta, breads, pies. We meet the Town Supervisor - translate "mayor" Linda Cooper, and the group is given signed copies of the Nasty Affair at Pines Bridges by Allison Albee and edited by historical society member Monica Doherty.

We roll back to camp, only to have Anna Freyer, daughter Darlene, grandchildren Jamison, Hunter, Anna Alexa and William deliver a home-baked cake decorated with blue & red fruit as the American flag. Mike, you'll need to walk MORE!!!!

Until tomorrow.

Love, Rose