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March Date Sunday August 27, 2006 March Day 72

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

This day is heavily overcast and the light rain begins as the camp stirs. Bedding from the pavillion is again stored in Martha and the group marvels at the number of deer who have gotten curiously close to the sleepers during the night.

I have been remiss in not acknowledging Barbara D. and daughter Libby's visit during the previous night's camp, dinner, and social time. Barbara presented Captain Mike with a bottle of Courvoisier brandy! No...not for breakfast, 'twill be stashed for our Yorktown arrival!

The marchers begin again from the Lucent/French army site with today's destination the English Farm or Bullion's Tavern in Liberty Corner, NJ., some 16.5 miles.
Dana and Zack do not march today due to developing blisters, best to be cautious to avoid further damage. Keleigh and Rose leave at the same time as the marchers for the daily route scout and will return for Martha when the farm destination is assured.
The rains hold for half the day's distance when the skies open and we are deluged. The remaining 8 miles are completed in the pouring rain, brown oilskins in use.
En route, Mike asks Ms. Mercedez driver if she would like her discarded trash back and is layed out in lavendar with language that could only come from a British tongue.

In spite of the weather, the night's campsite is delightful. Rose, with Martha, is greeted by Carol English who points out a few dry areas of portico, and screened porches where we may set our beds without being washed away. Martha is parked, tucked into the side of a small barn. This is a working farm, complete with corn fields, vegetable gardens, roosters & chickens, rabbits and pigs. Little has changed since the French army encamped here and Carol points out the adjacent field which remains uncultivated to this day.

The marchers arrive, soaked and chilled, and they rest on the portico of the carriage drive before changing into dry clothing. Dick Arnold arrives to visit and goes out of his way to lead some of the troops to a "laundromat" for obvious reason. They will be gone awhile and even though fresh corn and green beens have been procured from the farm stand for a later dinner, David cannot wait. If you haven't seen his picture on the site, David looks like he needs to run around in the shower to get wet, gets "growly" hungry at the end of the day's march and cannot wait another 2 hours to fill his empty tummy. We find a restaurant within walking distance, and David gleefully fills his void with a thick juicy steak....Argentinian beef to be exact. Ah...a satisfied soldier. We walk back to the farm in a thin drizzle of rain.

Keleigh prepares the fresh vegetables for the remainder of the group and we are visited by Anne McCauley of the DAR. She has tracked and found us from our first meeting at the Greene farm back in Ramapo from Suffern NY. She comes bearing home-made brownies, portrait mementos for each of the marchers, and continued good wishes.
Thank you, Anne....you also have gone out of your way for us.

Darkness arrives as the group sits and talks of the day and the morrow. Our thanks again for another safe haven. A demain.

Avec amour, Rose