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March Date Thursday August 24, 2006 March day 69

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

Light rain showers begin during the early morning. From my bunk in "George", I awake expecting to hear a scramble for cover from the troops sleeping outside, but this does not happen. I lie listening to the quiet of the gentle rain, and realize that the group is protected by the large maple tree and continues to sleep on until the spectacular red sunrise of dawn appears over the Hudson's now far shore. The skies gradually clear and the troop readies themselves for the day's march from Stony Point to Suffern, a total of 14.5 miles.

The route takes us from the Stony Point site through Haverstraw, and towns of Ramapo, Pomona and Montabello. Our passing draws the attention of a photographer from the Journal News, and of a lady officer who stops Mike for "speeding", requesting personal credentials and identification. The day is sunny and hot after the night showers with many hills to be traversed and fast traffic on a 2 lane road.

Today, the marchers are carrying the Betsy Ross flag along with our customary Bourbonnais regiment flag, and many motorists respond with their horns and waves as they recognize the familiar red, white and blue colors.

Our night's camp is a small green adjacent to the Community Center in downtown Suffern and representative Elaine is present to welcome us. She has arranged for the facilities at the Community Center to be available throughout the night, and as the police station is within sight, our peace and safety is assured. Ken DeFerrari from the VFW visits and reviews tomorrow's planned ceremony for the border crossing into New Jersey. The tents are set and David displays the French regimental and W3R flags along the walkway between the tents and centered white gazebo...it looks spectacular. Rose prepares a quick dinner of pasta served in the gazebo and supplemented by a dessert gift of pastries from a no-name lady visitor.

Mike, David, Dave and Rose then are 8 oclock guests of a local live cable TV program with Mike St.Lawrence. Can this be? Are we really sitting under the bright lights being telecast with a professional interviewer? We have our 20 minutes on camera to explain our journey and purpose, all the while faced by a studio audience of Harley Davidson riders who are next on the interviewer's agenda. As we speak, we receive many thumbs-up gestures from the motorcycle group, many of whom are service and war veterans, indicating their approval of our effort for commemorating early American history.

As we return to our town green/gazebo camp, we reflect on our unique opportunity that has evolved.....walking this route, a reminder of 2 countries' unity for the goal of American freedom. Thank you all for supporting our attempt at re-living history.

Avec amour,