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March Date Tuesday August 22, 2006 March Day 67

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

We wake to the sounds of the early morning crabbers, dropping their crab pots into the river.....another day promising late summer sunshine. We do not march today, grateful for a day of rest beside this great river, and among many smiling faces. Are they anticipating more gold coin to be spent?

It is decided to spend some time scouting the morrow's land trail which will be taken by the Martha land carriage over the Bear Mountain bridge and road to Stony Point. Will the horses be able to safely navigate the grade and curve of the mountain while the men be ferried across? As we are departing camp, we are visited by Rose's friends Marion and George who have made the long journey from Florida Seminole area to visit family in New York. They are accompanied by daughter Michele and grandsons Christopher and Nicholas. It is a great fortune to be pleasantly surprised and reaquainted with old friends. And they generously donate to our fuel need for the horses.

As we proceed to scout, the scenery is spectacular from the top of Bear Mountain....the gleaming river below, pale blue sky with white cloud wisps above, and rolling green mountains as far as you can see. With caution and appropriate speed, Martha should have no problem navigating this road.

We pay a visit to Fort Montgomery on the west side of the Hudson and stand in awe at the remains of foundations and strategic planning of the buildings. We make our way down to the suspension foot-bridge, still in use today. Our scouting continues and we are able to procure a campsite for tomorrow evening after the river is crossed.

The group returns to Steamboat Wharf in King's Ferry, and as word of our presence has spread, we are visited by Terry C. and Delia D., who bear gifts of evening supper....home-cooked chicken, rice, vegetables and dessert pies. Interesting that Terry's last name translated from French means "gifts." Ah......les cadeaux delicieuses!!!!

John Bargo from Hudson Boating magazine visits, bringing details of tomorrow's river crossing..... the group tends to much-needed laundry..... we spend moments gazing at a star-filled sky. That's a WHAT travelling by above? A 'space station' ?
We retire, thankful for another day of gifts. A demain.

Avec amour,