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March Date Wednesday August 23, 2006 March Day 68

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

No reveille needed this morning .. the local crabbers arrive as is their custom, with the sunrise, to begin their day's work, and the excitement for crossing the Hudson is growing among the troops. John Bargo arrives with preparations complete for the ferry crossing. Martha is loaded with the tentage and the men are delivered to Captain "Twinkie" who is happy to ferry the men and children across the river to Stony Point. Another opportunity for gold coin, eh?

It is a fast efficient crossing, as the river is quite calm this fine sunny morning.... Lady Keleigh accompanies the troops and is delivered back to the wharf. Assured that the troops are safe on the far shore, Rose with the Washington rig and Keleigh with the smaller wagon, begin the trek over Bear Mountain. The ascent, descent, and curves are taken well by Martha but Rose attests again to the flock of stomach butterflies accompanying her.

We arrive at Willow Cove, a peaceful maina with little activity as most boats are moored dockside on this work day. No schooners or frigates in sight, but the men have debarked here, and manager Wayne gives us a golf-cart tour to choose a site for accommodating our camp for tonight.

The rest of the day is ours....some members leave to tour West Point, others nap, shop for provisions, jog for personal time alone, swim from the finger piers. We combine leftovers (what a horrid word for good provisions) for a satisfying melange dinner from our many gifts of food. The group chooses to sleep under the stars, spreading their beds under a large protective maple tree. Did I mention that the marina has wonderful HOT showers?

Avec amour,