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MARCH DAYS 62 and 63

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

It is with great pleasure that I resume our daily log relaying our experiences on the road to Yorktown Virginia, begun some 63 days ago when we first left Newport Rhode Island on June 17, 2006. The original marchers have spent the last 6 weeks tending to the homefires, family, and 21st century responsibilities, all the while preparing for this second phase of the journey.
I do hope you have enjoyed Richard's historical dialogue during the 6 week hiatus that the French and American troops have been encamped in New York, keeping your interests peaked until our return. But now, on with the March.....WE'RE B-A-C-K!!!

On these current dates, the marchers have regrouped from their respective homes to the Odell House in Greenburgh, NY, headquarters of General Rochambeau.
* Mike Fitzgerald, original marcher and second phase leader of the March, is from
Pittsburgh PA, spent the greater part of the past 6 weeks scouting & mapping the
up- coming route, too many hours on his computer and contacting dozens of
* David Holloway, original marcher, is from Wallingford CT and supplier of our
beloved George and Martha trailer/truck support rig.
* Dave Fagerberg, original marcher, is from Kansas City, Kansas
* Rose Morin, original support vehicle driver, is from Branford CT, is camp nurse,
cook, laundress, camp follower.
* Keleigh Shumbo with son Zack and daughter Dana from Windham CT, temporary
joiners for the next 2 weeks in capacities of additional support driver, marchers,
camp follower.

We arrive Odell house Thursday evening 8/17/06, exhausted from the preparations that have brought us to this point. We take these next 2 days to mentally transition our personnae from 21st to 18th century. This is a gradual process which begins as we set camp. The sight of the white canvas wedges, the flickering of the fire flames is just what we need to forget the usual trepidations of starting out on a 2 month journey
away from home, loved ones and our creature comforts.
Neighbors and previous visitors stopped by the camp to wish us well.

Friday morning of the 18th arrives with our "transitions" in progress, the morning damp but smelling woodsy-clean. Most of us have slept well but we learn of our first medical mishap. Seems yours truly (the camp nurse no less!) has tripped over the trailer hitch during the dark night while enroute to the ladies' room tree and is certain that a finger is fractured. Yep, after 2 hours at the White Plains Hospital, the xray confirms a fracture at the base of my left pinkie and after a somewhat brief but painful reduction, I am sent on my way with a plaster splint. My special thanks to town historian Frank Jazzo for delivering me to the hospital - he stopped by to re-welcome us to the Odell House - little did he know how MUCH he could assist us - and to Dr. Delamoro, orthopod at White Plains hospital for a superb job treating me. Dr.D. advised a 1 week, then 3 week follow-up but as I explained about the march, and no-can-do, he just shook his head in disbelief and wished me luck. How humbling an experience... I have prayed thanks that it was not any worse.

That evening, the group attended a reception/lecture at the Newburgh town hall by artist David Wagner, the very town hall where we bid everyone adieu 6 weeks prior. We recognized so many familiar faces as we were re-presented, received generous donations from historical society ladies Pauline and Janet from Dobbs Ferry, and gifts of crackers/cheese and fruit. Again, thanks to Frank Jazzo and the historical society for inviting us and officially wishing us well on our journey.

We all turn in, David and Mike sleeping under the stars...anticipating our first day of march on the morrow. Dormez-bien, tout le monde...a demain.

Avec amour,