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March Day, Tuesday, August 15, Day 60

Greetings all, and the joy of the day to you all.

May the grace of our Gods give us the strength in this time. The camp is undone by the word of the messages received yesterday, from Newport.

As I wrote yesterday, the French frigate Concorde, arrived in Newport on the 11th of August, with messages from Admiral De Grasse, for the Generals Rochambeau and Washington. Apparently he, De Grasse, plans on being in North American waters... the Chesapeake, to be exact. It seems he shall arrive, mid to late August, at the Chesapeake, and will stay until mid October, but we know of nothing else planned. He has as his fleet some 28 ships of the line, and some 3000 soldiers. It seems he has ducked into the Chesapeake to perhaps avoid the storm season, and will leave in October for the same reason, and to avoid the northern winter.

Hmmmm, we were sitting about the fire last evening thinking about all of this....that perhaps De Gasse, with Lafayette and Wayne, may be able to keep Corny bottled up in the Virginias, aye? Everybody has some ideas.....Gawd, the fire lit up our eyes and our minds......what to do? We are not sure if any of this is good or bad. If Corny stays in the Virginias, and doesn't come north to New York, will Clinton attack us here? Will Corny be able to fight off Lafayette and Wayne?...and De Grasse too?....... will he be able to defeat them?....

We just don't really have any idea what to do.... guess that is why we are not the Generals......but this is for sure, we now have the French, here in New York and, also soon, in the Virginias.. can this be good, for us, for the country? What do they really want...?

Seems we Americans are now outnumbered by everybody else, there are more British soldiers, and more French soldiers, than there are American soldiers. I would be remiss if I did not say that we are starting to feel just a bit uneasy.....

We all remember the war of 20 years ago, when the French and the British did their best to carve up the North Americas, seems to this soldier that they may just be planning to do it again.... We are not strong enough, really, to fight either one of them off at this point......tis a throw of the crow, fight one, fight the other, or do we have to fight them both? Tis a damn un-easy moment here, we are straining to look about us and are not sure what we see, friend or foe, friend or foe, friend or foe.....things could get pretty sticky, in a moment.

I Remain,
At Your Service,
Richard Swartwout
For, 'AMtY'