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The Troop re-assembles.....

Greetings all, Friends of America's March to Yorktown. Please be advised that the Troop is re-assembling, as I write this, to continue the actual 'March to Yorktown.

We met last evening for a last minute talk session to go over some details, wish each other well, and proceed with the objective....to re-create the entire 'March to Yorktown' for the first time since 1781. The schedule, and route, has been posted at www.marchtoyorktown.org You can go there and determine when the Troop will be in your area, they will be very appreciative of your support. Also, we will have posted CP numbers that will allow you to chat with the Troop, on the March, if that is required.

I have already received communication from some of you that seem to be sorely dissappointed in the posted schedule. You are encouraged to take that up, next week, after the Troop has passed the Hudson River. You should allow the Troop to get its leg under itself before you raise your flags of dissappointment. Remember, this is a small, grass roots effort, by Independent re-enactors, to re-create, for the very first time, the 1781 march to Yorktown, in its entirety. We are doing the best we can, being self-funded, (that means we have no financial support from any W3R Organization, or RevWar umbrella organization.....we are able to do this only because of the generosity of individuals, and ourselves, and with not much in the way of larger organizational, logistical or financial support.

Also, please remember that the Troop is really WALKING to Yorktown. This may still come as a surprise to some of you, but in fact, that is the case. This may also mean that the Troop is walking as much as 20 miles a day in some spots, and may not have the time, or energy, to do all that you expect, in your neighborhood. Should you disagree, please try walking with them for a day, of so......we are trying our very best to walk the Original Route, on this 225th Anniversary year, to the day, after the French/American army did so. In some cases we walk the French route, in some places we walk the American route....and those routes seem to be in dispute still, some 225 years later.........but we are indeed, walking the Route..........for the memories of those that went before us, for history, for you, America.....

The Troop will step off this Saturday, August 19th, going from Odell House, in Philipsburg, NY (now Greenburgh, NY) to New Castle, NY (now Mt. Kisco). A Daily log will be posted by the Troop, as was done on the March from Rhode Island to New York....and the Historical Overview, as you have read for the last 6 weeks, will also continue to be posted. Please enjoy, and support, our efforts. The Troop will be on the road for some 6-7 weeks, until arriving in Yorktown. Should they come to your area, please be so kind as to stop by and say hello, or wave a flag, or honk your horn...... tis a long ,after all, and it would be good for them to know that they are not doing it alone.

I Remain,
At Your Service,
Richard Swartwout
For. 'AMtY'