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March Date Friday September 1, 2006 March Day 77

Good day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

Another fine day dawns at the Barracks, David calls reveille as usual at 6 AM, needing to enter the walls to rouse the main group asleep there. Seems that Zack, having shared the small barrack with Keleigh, Dave, Mike and Dana, has had the best night's sleep of them all.

Today's march will bring us over the bridge out of Trenton onto the Bristol Pike, leading to Bristol, NJ, a total of 12 miles. Weary riders from the south appear as we ready for the day, bringing an ominous warning of a great rain storm from that direction, and we are anxious to begin the miles.

The marchers set out for the Calhoun bridge which is too narrow for the Washington carriage. Martha must be taken onto a larger highway which is heavily tolled for this area...2 gold coins are exchanged on this alternate route in order to cross this small river and meet up with the army on the other side. The men continue at a goodly pace, thoughts of heavy rains spur them on while the clouds still hold.

They stop to rest at 2 houses which have been prepared for their passing by the Bristol Cultural and Historical Foundation, are given cornbread and encouragement.
Joe S. encounters the group and gives a monetary donation.

Rose in Martha, and Keleigh and Dana in the smaller wagon, arrive at the Foundation Headquarters before the marchers, and hurriedly set camp as the sky grows darker.
The marchers arrive for the late noon meal and must soon depart for the remaining 7 miles to the site of the Red Lion Inn, further down this Bristol Pike to the County Line, the site of the original army encampment. A police escort for this trek is provided by Bristol Police Chief Arnold Porter.

The men return weary, hungry and wet from the intermittent rains and Mike reports that the morrow's entry march into Philadelphia has been cancelled due to a fellow named "Ernesto" who has been creating havoc in his travels from south to north. It is unknown how extensive his damage will be.

The group is greeted and fed by a most friendly group at this headquarters...Harold Michener has arranged for our accommodations and chef Angelo has prepared a wonderful feast of pasta and meatballs, fresh salad and strawberry shortcake. His cooking is his passion, as he states, and we are the fortunate recipients.

Mike, David and Rose stroll in the rain to the corner location on the Delaware River waterfront of Radcliffe Street, the King George II inn, the oldest continuing operating inn in the country, established in 1681. We are given a complimentary libation, tour and history of this beautiful inn by Maitre D' Michael R, and we interact with many of the patrons. Seems the King George sign was assaulted by musket fire in colonial times, and we happily offer to reenact that scene before we leave!

Bon soir, tout le monde.......may be wake refreshed and dry!!

Avec Amour,