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March Date Monday September 11, 2006 March Day 87

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

Reveille seems to be called in the night as the mornings become darker and darker. This morning also comes with a fine drizzle of rain as the army prepares for the day's trek into Baltimore, some 14 miles with destination Camden Yards, one of three sites of the original French army. With our morning prayer, we remember the souls who perished during this country's attack five years ago today.

The Washington rig is driven into White Marsh and left for the day at the Fire Department lot. We receive a call from Rob Reyes, Maryland Chair of the W3R, member of DC SAR, researcher and self-called "amateur" historian...he is heading our way. The men begin their march on route 7, and Rob arrives to whisk Rose away for a personal "scouting" tour by carriage of the roads into the city and beyond. And a whirlwind tour it is! We follow route 40 onto Fayette Street, stop at the Quaker Meeting house, oldest house in Baltimore, visit the original army camp now approximately six large blocks over the Harford Run stretching toward the inner harbor, round into the Mount Vernon district and the Washington monument, pass the Basilica of the Assumption, the Peabody Institute and zip into the Camden Yards, our army camp's destination for the marchers today. A fast visit to Fort McHenry where we meet National Park Service ranger Scott Sheads assures our pre-arranged night's camp at this famous historic site. Vince Vaise, Mke's original contact is not at hand, but has been most thorough.

After contacting the men who are just now emerging onto route 40, we continue scouting tomorrow's route to Waterloo....Rob all the while giving a running commentary on the events and sites of 1781. As we reverse our path and resume with the marchers, I am on information overload and have depleted my writing supplies that I carry. We find the army at the junction of route 40 and Fayette Street where Mike is supine on a parking lot side curb, fast asleep while the traffic whizzes by a mere six feet away. After everyone is rested, they resume the remaining two miles on foot that Rob and I have covered by carriage. We photograph at the Quaker Meeting House, pass the Shot Tower, turn on Front, Baltimore and Howard Streets and into Camden Yards. We are met by Nolan Rogers of the Maryland Stadium Authority, who is apologetic for the lack of reception by the city fathers.

The Ricciardi family heads for home, and as it is becoming late afternoon, the group proceeds by carriage to Fort McHenry...we again meet with Scott and now meet curator Anna von Lunz. We are given every consideration in meeting the camp's needs, including the most welcome shower facility at the maintenance headquarters.

David and Rose leave to fetch camp Martha still at the Firehouse in White Marsh while Dave and Mike are scheduled to speak at the Maryland DAR chapter house....they will be transported there by DAR carriage from the Fort.

By the time Martha is safely forwarded to Fort McHenry for a two night stay, the Fort is closed to the publick and we are given the secret combination for the gate entrance lock. We set the tents near the water on the large green expanse of well-kept lawn and proceed to a local sports bar for dinner. We were hoping to dine at Hull Street Blues as recommended by Scott, but no dinners are served on Mondays at this establishment, and David has that "gotta have meat" look in his eye. We are back at the Fort camp at dark when Mike and Dave return from the DAR engagement. They are ravenous and are quickly fed the remains of the crab gumbo still in our larder from our SAR friends feast at Jerusalem Mill. They are saved. It's not long before we all make for our beds, anticipating a day of leisure on the morrow.

A demain et avec amour,