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March Date Saturday September 16, 2006 March Date 92

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

The army is at a two day's rest here in Annapolis. The men sleep in without the regimen of preparing to march on this overcast day. I take an early morning stroll to the waterfront and find the army's portrait on the front page of the local publication, "The Capital", and purchase copies. There is much activity here with the open shops and ships in port, and I take advantage of the shower facilities usually reserved for the ships' crews. The harbormaster's assistant gladly accepts my "story" of marching to Yorktown, smiles and takes my gold coin to allow me entry.

Refreshed and nibbling on croissant, I return to the camp at the Carroll House to find the men dressed and eager to enter the city. I elect to remain at camp to work on communications.

The men spend the morning mingling with the locals and are guests at the "History Quest" headquarters for a time. They report an impromptu invitation to tour the museum-like home of Ann Jensen, a resident of Annapolis, author of Revolutionary War children's books, and descendent of a fallen soldier during the Battle of Long Island.

I am summoned from camp by BJ and George Gerber to join the group, along with Rob Reyes, at the Treaty of Paris restaurant for lunch as they review the planned events for our march in D.C. It is good to be with these friends once more.

For the rest of the day, the men enjoy the sights of this delightful city. They visit the Naval Academy, museum, chapel, and the impressive tomb of John Paul Jones. David literally runs into Alex K., a former Eagle scout of his from Connecticut, now a second year midshipman at the Naval Academy. The men eat ice cream while sitting on the docks, and draw much attention and questions from the passers-by. From brother John's connections, (retired navy) the men spend some time at the Fleet Reserve Club imbibing in a bit of spirits,and are told their money is not accepted there when it comes time to pay the tally.

I am fast asleep in my bunk and never hear them return. A demain.

Avec amour,