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March Date Sunday September 10, 2006 March Day 86

Good Day to all March To Yorktown followers and supporters ~

David calls reveille in the early morning darkness with a large fox eyeing him as he emerges from Martha. We again prepare for the day's march, 11 1/2 miles from the french camp Bush Town marching into White Marsh. Damon says her goodbyes, leaving the group to head north to visit friends, and vowing to return when the group enters Virginia.

The army is transported by carriage to the marker site and they begin. The entire day will keep them on this rural route 7, Philadelphia Road, and they start with and maintain a good pace, easlily covering six miles within two hours. It is amazing that any blister problems that the men experience are resolving in spite of the continued walking on asphalt. Under their stockings, are many strips and patches of silver duct tape!

As they pass Huber's, a large farmstand, Mike calls to the shopkeeper - "Can you spare a tomato for a hungry soldier?" She smiles, they cross the road, and soon are treated to snow cones and a bag of fruit and tomatoes. This is Val, and she is quite sympathetic to our cause.

It is near noon when the day's march is finished. The Rochambeau army marker is at the site of the local post office and adjacent to the actual field of encampment. The group "noons" here under the shade of a tree, and then returns to Jerusalem Mill where we will camp a second night. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon, and with a few hours to ourselves, we each spend time on different pursuits.....communication to the colonies, drawing water from the stream for laundry and interacting with the Mill's visitors. On site is Tim Jewell, our original contact for our accommodation here at this beautiful site.

When the Mill closes to the publick, we gather around the stone kitchen's existing fire, have a bountiful meal from last night's leavings and chat about our journey to date. Rose steals away to a secluded bend in the stream and enjoys a cool, cleansing dip. On returning the campfire, we find our scout family, the Ricciardi's from Bergen Countey have rejoined the march. They erect their tents to the rear of the lean-to and soon everyone is heading to their beds. 'Tis a pity we will be leaving this nature's refuge on the morrow. A demain.

Avec Amour,