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March Date Sunday September 17,2006 March Day 92

I wake listening to the preparations of a very early riser. Mike is dressing in his finest and leaves the camp shortly to attend services at St.Anne's Episcopal Church. He walks through this quiet town, the click of his heels on the red brick road, enters the church and sits in the front pew. He is addressed by the pastor and presented to the congregation. He offers a few words about our mission, representing the living history of our country. During Communion, the pastor explains that the chalice currently in use was a gift from King William in the 1690's, and is the very vessel from which George Washington did sip wine in this house of worship at the time of his commission resignation. Mike leaves the service amidst wishes of good will and safe journey.

Mid-morning, the entire group gathers at the Fleet Reserve Club where we are met by brother John and family,and Mom Jean. We are the guests of the club for a fabulous breakfast buffet and we then take advantage of the view from the upper deck overlooking the waterfront....the domed and steepled skyline, the historic buildings, brick roads and walk paths, the distant Chesapeake Bay Bridge...all under a bright blue clear sky.

The army again strolls this area, now very often recognized by the locals as "those guys who are marching". A ten minute walk can and does occupy an hour or more.

We travel by carriage - in civilian clothes for the first time since August 18 - (we each comment on how strange we look to each other) to David's brother's home in Odenton, to relax for the rest of the day. We swim in the pool, engage Amy's services as laundress, communicate with friends and family back in the upper colonies, enjoy the twins' antics, visit with Mom Jean, share a hearty steak dinner, and eagerly devour Amy's chocolate iced cake that she magically transformed into an edible work of art.

We bid adieu to all, thanking this family for sharing their home and their love, allowing us some comfortable "down" time.

We return to camp Martha at the Carroll House, and by 9:30 we are all in our beds for a good night's sleep, the better to resume our march on the morrow. A demain.

Avec amour,