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March Date Tuesday September 19, 2006 March Day 95

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

Six AM reveille, the morning is warm and slightly overcast with bits of blue sky. The tents are struck, the men prepare for the day and we are again greeted by Pam Williams who has prepared a hot breakfast for us...scrambled eggs with ham, onion and peppers, biscuits with hand-churned butter, fresh melon slices and coffee. We thank our generous host, and take photographs on the steps of Belair mansion before returning by carriage to the start of today's march - Sacred Heart Chapel to Bostwick mansion in Bladensburg, a total of 13 1/2 miles. We join hands in prayer, and the men begin.

At little more than a mile on route 450, the men stop at Pius X Regional school where more than 200 students and their teachers file into the yard to welcome the marchers, listen to Mike's history lesson and present us with more than 60 handmade paper flags of various historical design.....liberty, Betsy Ross, union jack, pine tree, appeals to heaven and ONE white with yellow fleur-de-lis by "Emily."

A second stop is made at the Holy Trinity Episcopal school as Rose notices a crowd of royal-blue uniformed studens gathered on a small hillside at the entrance to this school. Although an unexpected stop, it proves to be most rewarding as the 200 + students are conducted into a fabulous rendition of "It's a Grand Old Flag." We leave the grounds buoyed by the students' interest and enthusiasm.

The remainder of the day's march is along busy and commercial Annapolis Road into Bladensburg. We have a short light rain shower but the sun emerges and the day is moderately hot, enough to shed regimentals for the afternoon. The army passes the original French camp, currently built up with a carriage-dealer business and a modern gold-mirrored office building.

As Rose waits ahead for the men, she is recognized (by apparel) and addressed by Diane Griffin, scout sent from the Bostwick House. She is friendly and energetic, watches as the men march past and then leads the smaller carriage to Bostwick where a small crowd has gathered. There is Pat McAuley whom the men chatted with in Annapolis, police photographer Gerry Gilmore, historian Chris Needham, caretaker Kathy Manicke, and Bladensburg mayor Walter James. We are all photographed entering the gated drive of this historic home, then again on the front steps.

The evening is spent retrieving Martha from Belair, resting tired feet, chatting with Kathy and her husband Brian, and dining on the remaining Shepard's Pie....thank you again, Pam!

There is much anticipation of tomorrow's journey into Georgetown, but we are all so tired, we will definitely sleep well. A demain.

Avec amour,