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March Date Tuesday September 26, 2006 March Day 102

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

On this very cool dark morning, David taps on Rose's door as she sleeps in her bunk in George. We join in a happy birthday reveille outside of Captain Mike's tent, complete with bones accompaniment. Sorry Mike, you've been allowed to sleep a bit later, but no day off yet.

Today's march of 10.5 miles will bring the troop into Aquia with the main route of travel along route 1. A three and a half mile route 637 outcrop onto the original King's Highway will again bring the ment onto route 1 with destination Old Aquia Episcopal Church. The men report very "hairy" conditions walking against very fast carriages that come within six inches of them with slowing. They purchase copies of the local Potomac News publication, a very handsome picture of the men as they carry the flags unfurled in the wind.

Photographs are taken at the Iwo Jima monument at the entrance of the Marine base Quantico and again at the impressive Christ Crucifix sculpture marking the first Catholic settlement in this area.

We arrive at the 1757 brick Aquia Episcopal church and are greeted by Denise LaBarre who addresses all of our needs for this night's camp. This is a lovely hill top setting with surrounding woods and adjacent old graveyard. Graffitti scars are clearly legible on the corner stones of this handsome church and we spend time reading the civil war and earlier inscriptions, and touring the skull and crossbone tombstones in the cemetery. We are given a personal tour of the church from historian Trudy and are even taken up into the church attic to read the 18th century graffitti and view the massive center wooden support. This beautiful church has survived the onslought of time and men and is still vital to the community today.

We have a bit of down time and Mike attempts to nap a bit in his tent. A birthday privilege? We have an occasional visitor but enjoy a quiet afternoon.
Dinner is at King Street Blues where the men indulge in racks of ribs, and Mike is treated for his birthday. Joyeux anniversaire, Michel!!

This night the group builds a campfire. 'Tis been a long long time since we've had the time, opportunity, energy - or the wood- to sit about and chat in front of the magical flames.
As we relax, the bodies overcome the spirits....we yawn and trail off to our beds. A demain.

Avec amour,