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March Date Wednesday August 30, 2006 March Day 75

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

A day to ourselves in this bustling college city of Princeton!! David takes the morning off from calling reveille and we all sleep a bit later on this fine drizzly restful day, tucked into the side lot of the Morven museum and gardens. The tents have been lined on a side lawn at the back of the museum, backed by a 6 foot high brick wall with a crescent white door entering into the main garden. The many flowering plants still bloom in this late summer, the pears are ripe and hanging on the many fruit trees and the bees become quite busy as the drizzle stops and the day is just overcast. This estate was built in 1775, home of Richard Stockton, NJ signer of the Declaration of Independence and it is both a privilege and a delight to be here.

David, of the growly tummy, is still first to rise and goes in search of a hearty hungry man's breakfast, returns satisfied and smiling. The majority of the troop takes advantage of shower facilities at the the university gymnasium and returns refreshed & ready to take on the day. Fellow reenactor Paul Hutchins and his lovely fiance Judy Jenkins again join us as we stroll the city street - still and probably forever in period clothing and regimentals - to Nassau Hall at Princeton University for a tour with Karen Woodbridge who is director of Community Relations.
David and Rose first stop at the Princeton Public library to meet couriers Aldona and Diane from Pequannock Library back in Pompton....our dear friend Rosemary has forwarded some much needed mail to us and has used her staff attending this library meeting for the "drop", AND has sent a bagfull of cheeses, bread, goodies, and of course photographs. Our friends continue to support us long after we have left their community. Bless you.

We rejoin the group at Nassau Hall and begin the tour. Such architectural magnificence and history..... we enter Nassau Hall with symmetricallly sized portraits of George Washington and King George at the far wall of the great Meeting Room, walk the worn, uneven brickway and stairs to the grounds outside leading to the Performing Arts Hall with its perfect acoustics, view each parlor and keeping room of the President's House and stand in humbled awe of the university Chapel with Tiffany stained glass windows of blue and red, a chapel used for every denomination of religion as needed. Karen points the site of the buried cannon at the center of the grounds, buried out of necessity due to multiple thefts over the years. This has been a wonderful opportunity and Karen has been most gracious.

As we stroll back to the museum, we are followed and portraited by Mike Mancuso, a photographer from the local publication Princeton Times. Our clothing still creates a stir. We also pose and our portraited on the front porch of the Morven with Director Martha. How wonderful is leisure time without the rain!

The group tours the battlefield on their own in the afternoon then returns to camp to prepare and dress for dinner....an invitation by DAR member Dorothy Wordell and her husband Bill at their home in Princeton. Zack black-polishes and wears Mike's boots this evening and becomes transformed into a young gentleman.

Our hosts home is indeed lovely, spacious and elegant. We are ushered onto the back deck where we are served spirits et les hors d'oeuvres and we enjoy the grazing deer at lawn's edge and the visiting hummingbird still active at Dorothy's blooms in the approaching dusk. We are to have a different culinary delight this evening....Oriental fare of our every choice or desire which our hosts arrange to be brought right to their door. We feast and socialize......Zack of the magic boots is transformed into quite the conversationalist. Our hosts' neighbors visit and we have a wonderful time.

Our evening is over much too quickly and Bill and Dorothy deliver us back to camp. We say our adieus et merci beaucoups, and carry more friends in our hearts on our journey to Virginia. Merci aussi, mon Dieu....ce soir, nous sommes encore en surete avec Vous. A demain.

Avec Amour,