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March Date Wednesday September 27, 2006 March Day 103

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

David calls the usual 6 AM reverille and he has an additional march member to awaken. Damon has returned from upstate New York, obviously having driven her carriage hard and fast, as she last left us at Fendall House in Alexandria but 3 days ago. She's chosen the perfect day to return as the day unfolds clear and cool. Our friend Lyn Padgett from Historic Fredericksburg Foundation arrives at our quiet hilltop camp with full breakfast for the troops. Lyn is beautiful, dressed in full period clothing and sets table with linens, fall leaves, Williamsburg pottery and candles. There is perfectly ripened melon, coffee, fresh ham and biscuits, cranberry and nut muffins. This lady has prepared this meal with careful aforethought and we are most grateful. She does not tarry, soon departs our company and wishes the men godspeed in today's march.

The men are transported by carriage to Peyton's Ordinary, sadly not longer in existence but marked by a commemorative plaque on the side of route 1. Our great General had stopped here on more than one occasion for rest and sustenance. This is the start point for today and the army will march 11.2 miles to St.George Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg.

After morning prayer, the army departs and Rose returns to camp to prepare the noon meal with which to later intercept the group. Reverand Cuthbert Mandell visits briefly and extends his warm wishes.

When the men are located on route 1, they are three miles out in a mere hour, apparently Lyn's breakfast has fueled them well. Dave jokingly complains that the crazy Frenchman in the front won't slow down. At this rate, they will make short work of today's miles.

En route, the army passes a shop with most unusual wares...large animal sculptures of various colours. A seven foot pink elephant...yes, pink....trumpets in the air and beckons Mike a dare, who without second thought, accepts. A true photo opportunity with his backside to the camera as David assists him in mounting the beast, then followed by one of solemnity with sword drawn and charging.

Another humorous incident finds Dave, at the rear of the column, approached by a civilian who comments "Yeah! We need another revolution, Man!" In Dave's softly-spoken sense of humor, he replies that this one will do just fine, thank you.

The men make short work of the day's miles, and we finish at St.George's, snagging a willing passer-by to photograph the group. As the day is still young, the group meanders the village searching for ....ice cream of course, and we find a very satisfying selection at Cards 'n Cones. We indulge in floats, shakes and cones, a quite leisurely and yummy lunch. We then proceed to Ferry Farm on the village outskirts, site of George Washington's boyhood home... acres of well-tended lawn surrounded by wood and period stockade fencing where our night's camp has been arranged.

We are greeted by Marti Stout who welcomes us and shows us the area in which to park camp Martha. Archeological excavation is in progress here attempting to locate the foundation of the original Washington house and there are workers and analysts about the farm and large brick visitor's center.

We fetch Martha from the Aquia Church and move her forward to her new "home" for the next two nights. We settle into Ferry Farm and set the tentage by late afternoon.
The group has planned to dine out in Fredericksburg this evening - a combined birthday celebration for Mike (9/26) and Rose (9/29). We remember that 9/29 is also Rob Reyes' birthday, a fellow Libra! We travel by carriage into the village and choose Claiborne's, a tavern of elegance and exquisite fare. As usual, we draw attention from the patrons and staff, answer many questions concerning the march, our origins and manner of dress. 'Tis a fine evening and we toast to our birthdays, success, and safety to date.

We return to camp to chat for a bit, relaxed in knowing we will not march on the morrow....a day to ourselves in this beautiful Virginia colony. A demain.

Avec amour,