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March Date Monday October 2, 2006 March Day 108

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

David attempts his usual 6 AM reveille, and receives a short chorus from the hounds in spite of his attempts to do so quietly. As the sky lightens, promising a splendid clear day, we can see Elizabeth at the kennels already tending to the dogs, and Bob similarly occupied with the horses. Bob takes us to visit the hounds, thirty-six in all, handsome, friendly and eager for attention. Bob can, and does call them each by name and each has their own personality. Wasn't it George Washington and Lord Fairfax who introduced fox hunting to America?

The army is ready to march and we travel by wagon to the center of Dawn again. Today's journey will cover 15.6 miles to the Hanovertown marker and we find the newly-erected Washington Rochambeau Route signs continuing through Hanover city. As promised, the day is hot with temperatures 75 degrees under a cloudless blue sky.

We have a pleasant diversion on the three mile section of busy route 2...David's brother John stops to visit on his way to Norfolk. He brings us boxes of pastries (groan), and the September 28 copies of "Soundoff", a Fort Meade publication of which we are the cover story. We all briefly visit the intriguing Kelley's Country Store/Museum, buy ice cream of course, photograph ourselves at the front, and John is too soon on his way.

As the men pass and are photographed at the Hanover Courthouse, we draw the attention of the staff of Hanover Tavern, directly across the street. We are greeted by Executive Director Sarah Smith who gives us an impromptu tour of this interesting building. According to Sarah, the main building was erected in 1791 but was the site of a tavern stop as early as 1733, and has undergone several transformations....public inn, stagecoach stop, post office, dance hall and now dinner theater. The group is photographed at the front of the tavern by Amanda, to be used in the next Hanover Tavern Foundation Newsletter.

The army now turns onto route 605. The road is shaded and cool as it winds through wood, is hot, sunny and flat as it borders field after field of soy bean. There is little carriage traffic on the road, but most drivers stop to chat briefly and some return to their homes to fetch cameras. One gentleman states "Got to take a picture for proof of what I saw. My family will thing I've been drinking!" One friendly little beagle comes out to greet us, and with tail happily wagging, follows the army for a distance. Perhaps we could attach a flag to that tail?

The men arrive at the day's destination - hot, tired and foot sore, feeling this third day in succession of extended marching. We photograph our arrival at Hanovertown Marker, located on a gravel road opposite soy fields and a short distance from the Pamunkey River. The marker reads that Hanovertown thrived in 1767, and by a small vote missed becoming the capital of Virginia. There are now but a few private homes and yellowing soy fields within sight.

The marchers board the wagon and we back-track to Hanover Courthouse Park, our night's camp as pre-arranged by Parks and Recreation Department Director Brad Ashley. The men march into this spacious park and are greeted by Brad, Devin Brown, Public Information Officer Tom Harris and New Kenty County District 4 Supervisor Stran Trout. Photos are taken, and after determining camp Martha's and the tents' locations, we return to Chase's End to fetch the camp forward. We bid fond adieu to Bob of the Caroline Hunt Club, our most gracious and generous host for the previous two nights...and to Lady Elizabeth, mistress of the house.

'Tis a quiet evening encamped at Hanover Park. Brad has arranged for individual "box lunch" dinners, prepared by the local ordinary Suzannes's, and a cooler of iced soft drinks. These are truly gourmet boxes of thick sandwiches, salads and desserts, and we sit, chat, and enjoy our fill . We are definitely the senior tour, walking and eating our way to Yorktown! An additional tent is set as we anticipate this night the arrival of Mike's son Travis from Langley Air Force Base. A demain.

Avec amour,