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March Date Saturday September 30, 2006 March Day 106

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

I'm sure everyone is awake before this morning's reveille...it is c-o-l-d, and we dress very quickly. We later learn the temperature is forty degrees. The Washington rig is moved from the back of the farm to the front of Belvedere plantation near the main road, with high visibility but out of the way for this farm's busy opening day.

The army begins its more arduous march of 15.8 miles to Bowling Green, with main travel along route 2 but following many out-croppings of original army trail. There are many new Rochambeau trail signs enrout - Rozell Road, Woodford, Woodslane and Farmers Road. The day becomes warmer but there is still the edge of fall in the air and the sky is cloudy.

Rose returns to Belvedere after delivering the men to the starting point, tidies house, prepares the army's provisions and proceeds to intercept the men on the trail. Stopping at a local shop, she purchases copies of the local publication. The Free Lance Star has printed a front page portrait of the men at march. Because of this, the men are recognized by the locals. One gentleman who is fetching his roadside paper, glances at the men as they walk by his home, then double and triple-takes as he reads his paper. Another carriage driver calls out to the marchers, asking if he could purchase breakfast for them.

About three miles out, Rose is waiting with support when Erick Nason arrives, accompanied by wife Karin, in full kit, and daughter Samantha. This man is true to his word, and eagerly joins the marchers for the day.

The men today are unstoppable....a couple of brief rests and only a short lunch stop...they cover the entire route into Bowling Green Courthouse in less than six hours. While waiting for the men's arrival, Bob Ferrer of Chase's End Farm stops by and whisks Rose away to the farm, our site for tonight's camp. This is a handsome huntsman's farm - stately brick and columned porch home, well-furnished lodge with adjoining stable, field, paddocks, and hounds' kennels...the latter a good distance away from the house. Bob apologizes that he and wife Elizabeth will not be at the farm this evening due to prior committment, but he has arranged for our every comfort and for his brother-in-law Will Gravett to follow up with us later in the day.

Rose arrives back at the courthouse, but the army chooses to continue the additional 2.8 miles on route 2 where the turn-off to the Ferrer Farm is located. We say goodby to Eric who has certainly earned the amorous attentions of his Lady Karin. Total miles for today is 18.1 and 'tis but mid-afternoon. By carriage, we all proceed to Chase's End.

An elegant table has been set in the yard, laden with fine Bordeaux, a wheel of Frech brie under a silver dome, and accompanying crackers. The men rest on the lawn, partake of this fine welcoming snack and visit with Will. It is here and now that Mike walks head-first into a holly tree branch, sustaining a superficial but two-inch forehead laceration. 'Tis but a surface cut but the resulting ooze gives his face more character.

We all return to Belvedere, fetching camp Martha forward to Chase's End and there take advantage of the shower facilities in the main house, which our hosts have most graciously allowed us access to. Our last opportunity for such complete cleanliness was six days ago at the Gunston camp and we assure that the tub is scrubbed at our finish!

We all enjoy the horses as they curiously approach the fence, and we offer apples and sugar cubes. We engage in a never-ending game of fetch with Jack Russell "Reggie', whose mistress Terry has come to attend to both horses and army. With Will as our stand-in host, and in the handsome well-furnished lodge, we are seated at the long table and dine on fine roast beast, potatoes and superb wine. 'Tis a meal fit for a General! We chat and socialize in this comfortable room for quite some time.

The group is tired, clean, and well-fed as we reflect on this day....106 of our commemorative march. A demain.

Avec amour,