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March Date Thursday October 5, 2006 March Day 111

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

David does not call reveille on this morning....Mike has requested to wake "on his own." Rose and David are the usual early risers and are dressed and waiting as the rest of the group emerges from the grist mill. It is a clear morning and still warm with temperatures in the 60's as we say goodbye to our hosts Debbie and Willy.

As we will be passing the Kent County Courthouse on our way to today's starting point, we bring camp Martha forward and leave her there for the day. The men are then transported to yesterday's finish on Stage Road, hands are joined for the daily prayer and they are off. Rose returns to the Courthouse area to prepare the day's provisions and take advantage of the local post, then intercepts the marchers.

The day has warmed up to 78 degrees...sunny for the most part. We are briefly visited by Stran Trout who has found the men walking on a most deserted stretch of dirt road....he is checking on their progress and brings a DVD gift of photos and maps.

As Rose waits in the parking area of a small local shop, she is approached by a mistress who has stopped here for provisions. This lady has seen the colorful marchers up the road and questions who, what, where, why? Her curiosity satisfied, she shops and drives away in her carriage. It is not until the men stop here for a brief rest and hope of procuring ice cream, that we learn from the shopkeeper of this mistress' generosity. She has quietly left a monetary donation with the shopkeeper...to be used for whatever the army will purchase here to ease their thirst or hunger as they march. And we never did learn her name or residence.

As the march progresses along route 746, we see our first sign for Williamsburg/Yorktown/Jamestown on the parallel highway where fast carriages seem to fly by the army. This is reassuring proof that our ultimate destination is within reach...spirits soar and there is a sudden spring in the men's step. There are no more complaints of sore feet. The day's march covers 15.5 miles and we return to the Courthouse to fetch Martha. By this late afternoon, the parking lot is almost empty of the day's carriages and we see a paper under the carriage windshield. Surely we have not received another violation ticket? No...not in this kind County. 'Tis a gift from Pam Crosby...a most kind letter of appreciation, CD and copies of the previous day's photographs . We continue to receive.

Martha is brought to our night's camp at Taono Upper County Park, prearranged by Stephanie Deal of James City County Parks and Recreation. This handsome park with large fire-placed shelter is deserted save for our presence. We find the Shumbo family has arrived...Keleigh and all four children....to rejoin us for our entrance into Yorktown. Ursula Reed from Philadelphia arrives as our special guest and everyone settles in for an evening and meal before the fire. David and Rose detach Martha from George and travel to his cousin's home in Poquoson where his new clothing has been delivered. The camp is dark and quiet on their return....Damon asleep in her carriage, the rest of the group nestled in their beds under the shelter's roof.

We have but two more days of our long journey southward....we have heard from the locals that the weather prediction is not good. Some talk of a 'Nor-easter with heavy rains. A fitting ending for the army's long march? We retire, praying for clear skies.
A demain.

Avec amour,