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March Date Tuesday October 3, 2006 March Day 109

Good Day to all March to Yorktown followers and supporters ~

6 AM reveille reveals that Travis is arrived and has safely slept among us. Perhaps this young lad's enlistment to the army will bring about a spring in the men's step - it certainly will his Dad's. Travis is outfitted in kit, shoulders his musket, and joins the group being transported to today's start at Hanovertown. The night's dew is turning to misty steam as the sun rises, and eventually the day is warm, dry, and gifted with a cloudless blue sky.

The march begins - three colours, one musket. As yesterday, many carriage drivers stop on this winding Old Church Road to briefly chat with the men. As the day progresses, our newcomer soon becomes an official member as he stops to apply patches of silver duct tape to strategic places on his feet! The country road intersects busy route 360 and the group stops at the West Store for a short break. Ice cream at 10 AM of the clock? Mais certainment! There is also a brief necessary stop at Bethlehem Presbyterian Church where the church ladies have gathered outside to view the passing spectacle. We noon in a shaded area on Glympse Lane where the mistress of the house stops her carriage to chat with the soldiers.

At the 11.8 mile mark, we cross the county line in Kent and the men continue marching the remaining 3.2 miles to Marengo Plantation where our night's camp has been arranged. Rose drives the carriage ahead and is met by Taylor Moore, local businessman, who presents a quick tour of his retreat property. This 600+ acres was originally a tobacco plantation with brick manor built in 1817. There are reconstructed slave quarters, steeplechase tower, large barns, smokehouse, and riverfront dock with boathouse....all situated on ninety mowed rolling acres overlooking the Pamunkey River. We are allowed full access to the house and facilities, complete with golf cart in which to tour the property. We drive back the 1/2 mile to the gate where the army is just arriving, and our host whisks us back for an inside tour of the manor.

We now return to Hanover Park for our daily fetching of Camp Martha forward to her new night's home. At the park, we are interviewed and photographed for the local weekly publication Mechanicsville News before David and Rose set out with the Washington rig for the plantation. They again stop at the West Store for a few provisions and chat with owner Chuck Fleet who states he has been hearing from the locals for a while that the army is heading his way, and he is delighted to have us in his shop. He donates a bottle of fine wine with his compliments.

Evening at camp consists of setting the tents and preparing our own dinner, for a change. We dine on grilled hot dogs served with Erick Nason's rich potato soup. We sit at the camp table with burning smudge pots and lanterns which can soon be extinguished as the bright waxing moon rises in the sky. Father and son retire early, Rose and David head for their bunks, and we leave Dave chatting on his communication device in the bright moonlight. Bonne nuit, tout le monde. A demain.

Avec amour,