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1st Anniversary of AMtY

Greetings all, this Father's Day, 2007.
It was just one year ago that the intrepid band of AMtY stalwarts (David, Rose, Mike, Dave, Richard) set out on an adventure to retrace the Wadhington-Rochambeau Army march from Newport, RI to Yorktown, Va.
You were all kind enough to follow the adventure through the use of this technology, some of you were of great assistance to us as we passed through your area. It is with some nostalgia that we look back, fondly, to just a year ago.....on this day, June 17th, 2006, the good folks of the Coast Guard Auxillary, District 1, were helping us do the water crossing, from Newport, to Providence, RI. What fun that was and you can see the pictures on the web site. Just go to Day 1 in the Gallery section. The rest of the day was spent at the RI State Capital and at a 'Gay Pride' festival (go to the web-site for more info on that, as well.....go to the Daily Logs, Day 1)
I was asked to present to the New York Society of the Cincinnati, just yesterday, a brief over-view of the event. In the 20 minutes alloted, I was able to get us from Newport, RI to Philipsburg (present day Greenberg) NY. T'was good to do the remembering.....
I must tell you something incredible... I have just now, this evening, checked the web stats for the www.marchtoyorktown.org web-site This is now June, 2007, a year after we started the journey, and 8 months since we finished the trek, and the web-site recorded more than 32,000 hits in May, 2007. To me, that is just incredible... I do not know where or why we are still getting that much activity, but we are pleased. The web-site will stay up for a number of years...and apparently it is still being resourced.
Our very best to you all, thanks for your continuing support of AMtY, and your continued interest in all we do....

I Remain,
At Your Service,
Richard Swartwout
Chair, AMtY