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August 19, 2007

AMtY updates...

Greetings to all Patriots and Friends of AMTY, we wish you the joy of the day.

We have just passed another 1 yr Anniversary for the AMTY effort. It was a year ago, and it was 226 yrs ago, on the 18th of August, that the respective American and French Armies left the area of Philipsburg, New York, and headed south toward the eventual goal of Yorktown, Va. Apparently this march still lives on, and you are all the reason for that success. Again, we can only continue to thank you all for your continued support and cooperation. The web-site continues to be very active, much to my pleasant surprise.

As far as I can tell, some of the Marchers from our effort last year, will be in Philadelphia for a huge parade on Labor Day weekend. More info on that as I receive it. You may recall that while this parade was scheduled for last year, a torrential rain canceled the event. Thus, we get to try to do it again, this year......huzzah!!

I hope that all of you in the area can came out to say hello, and we wish you continued health and good fortune. Look for some further up-dates in the next couple of days......

Also, a number of us, including myself, will be attending the event at Mt. Vernon on the weekend of Sept. 29-30. I hope to be able to meet some of you for the first time, even though we have been corresponding for some time now. Please do think about stopping by and saying hello.....

I Remain,
At Your SErvice,
Richard Chair, AMTY
America's March to Yorktown