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         Washington and Rochambeau, with a small staff, departed from the main march of their armies after Wilmington, and traveled a separate route to Mount Vernon, VA. Washington rode ahead and reached his estate (after a six-years' absence) on 9 September. Rochambeau and the staff arrived the following day. The commanders continued their overland journey on 12 September, and arrived at Williamsburg 14 September.

         Already waiting at Williamsburg were General La Fayette with a small American army, and General comte Saint-Simon with some French regiments that Admiral de Grasse had brought from the West Indies. Also waiting were the heavy siege-artillery pieces of Rochambeau's army that Admiral Barras had brought from Newport, RI, arriving in the Virginia waters 10 September.
         On 18 September, Washington and Rochambeau visited De Grasse on his flagship, Ville de Paris.

         The French army wagon train, which continued the overland march from Annapolis, arrived at the Allied camp 7 October, the day the siege entrenchment began.


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