March to Yorktown:
2006 Route

Camp: March Date:

Providence, RI
June 18-march from Providence, RI
to Waterman's Tavern, RI (Camp #2)

This march starts in downtown Providence and we have yet to go into the middle of the city and get accurate mileage. However, we will be leaving on Sunday morning, along Cranston Ave, to Rt. 12, then Rt. 12 and onto Scituate Ave, over the Kent Dam, still following Rt. 12 (now it turns into Tunk Road), left on Matteson Rd., on to Maple Valley Rd., to Waterman's Tavern. The distance is approx 17 miles and goes through the towns of Knightsville, Coventry

Waterman's Tavern, RI
(near present Pottersville)

June 19th-march from Waterman's Tavern, CT
to Plainfield, Ct. (Camp #3)

Leaving Waterman's Tavern, going west on Maple Valley Road, which turns into Waterman's Hill Road after crossing Rt. 102, follow to junction with Old Plainfield Pike (Rt. 14), going west to Connecticut follow 14-A into Plainfield to Cemetary Rd, camp for the evening (15.3 miles) This route has taken us through the towns of Vernon and Rice City in RI, and Oneco, Sterling Hill and Plainfield, Ct.

Plainfield, CT

June 20th-march from Plainfileld, CT
to Windham, CT (Camp # 4)

Leaving Plainfield, Ct. going west on Cemetary Rd., follow to Rt. 14-A, and then Rt. 14, follow Rt. 14 for quite a long distance to Windham Village, Ct., follow on to Plains Road to the Shetucket River, where the Army cmaped for the evening (14.7 hilly miles) This route will take us through the towns of Plainfield, Canterbury, Westminster, Scotland and Windham Village, Ct.

Windham, CT
June 21st-march from Windham Village, CT
to Bolton, CT (Camp #5)

Leaving Windham Village, CT, going westerly on Pleaseant St., (Columbia) to Old Willimantic Rd., to connect with Rt. 66, follow Rt. 66 west to Rt. 87, and on Rt. 6 again, going then west on Rt. 6, to Center St (Andover), back to Rt. 6, west to Hutchinson Rd., past the Daniel White Tavern at the sign of the Black Horse, to Rt. 6 again, to Steele's Crossing, to Bolton Center Rd., to Camp #5 (Rose Farm), in Bolton, Ct. .......(16.8 miles) This part of the route takes us through the Towns of Windham Village, Willimantic, Columbia, Andover, Coventry and Bolton, Ct.

Bolton, CT
June 22nd-march from Bolton, CT
to East hartford, CT (Camp #6)

Leaving Rose Farm on Bolton Center Rd, follow to Rt. 85, follow to Rt. 44, going west on Rt. 44 through the Town of Manchester, follow on to Spenser St., follow to Silver Lane, which eventually ends at the Connecticut River (Great River Park) (13.1 miles) this part of the route takes us through the Towns of Bolton, Manchester, East Hartford, Ct. The Army camped here for two days and we will do the same....we will be available for celebratory functions on Friday and Saturday, the 23rd and 24th of June we then will step off on Sunday, June 25th going to camp in Farmington.......more to follow after the survey work has been completed

* The Army remains in Camp on Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th *

East Hartford, CT
June 25th-march from East Hartford, CT
to Farmington, CT (Camp #7)

Going out of Hartford on Asylum Avenue, going left at the fork in the road onto Farmington Ave, Rt. 4 West, through West

Farmington, CT
June 26th-march from Farmington, CT
to Marion, CT (Southington) (Camp #8)

Follow Rt. 4 to Unionville, to Rt. 10 South, to Rt. 322 west, to Marion. I did find a marker for the French Camp, on Rt. 322, across the street from the Marion Post Office.

Barnes' Tavern, CT
(present Marion, CT)
June 27th-march from Marion, CT
to Break Neck, CT (Camp #9)

From Camp #9 at Mation, go west on Rt. 322, 1 mile, at the top of the hill follow straight on the Meriden/Waterbury Trpk., to Rt. 64 ((4.3 miles), go right on East Main St. (Waterbury), folow straight to the War Memorial monument, then go left on West Main St. (6.6 miles)follow straight in E. Main, cross Watertown Ave. (7.3 miles). Follow W. Main St., this turns into Chase Prky, continue straight on it, then right onto Rt. 64. Follow this, pass Rt. 63 (9.2 miles) at 10.5 miles see a sign for the Town of Middlebury, take the walking trail on the left side of the road until you see the sign for the Rochambeau Camp at 11.3 miles.

Break Neck, CT
June 28th-march from Breakneck, CT
to Monroe, CT (Camp #10)

From Camp #9 continue west on Rt. 64, follow Rt. 64 and keep walking on the walking path on the left of the road, pass Lake Quassapaug (2.4miles), Right to Old Woodbury Rd (2.7 miles), follow to a right on Old Sherman Hill Rd. (3.6 miles), follow to a left at Main Rd. (5.9 miles) follow to a left at Rt. 6 (6.2 miles), and follow that West.....see Southbury Town line (7.5 miles), pass junction of Rt.6/63, stay on Rt. 6 (8.3) miles) pass Heritage Rd. (9.5 miles)go right on Main St. south (Southbury) follow straight to left onto bridge over hwy (12.5 miles)Take the first right, go over another bridge (13.1 miles) the straight nto to another bridge over Lake Zoar (14.2 miles) see sign of the Red Brick Tavern at Sandy Hook (15.9 miles) continue on straight, under hwy (16.3 miles) go right on Rt. 25 (17 miles)..follow Rt. 25 to Governor Horse Guard you are now in the vicinity of the Camp 10, at Monroe (18.2 miles)

* The Army is in Camp at Monroe, Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30 *

Monroe, CT
July 1st-march from Monroe, CT
to Ridgebury, CT (Camp #11)

Moving out of Monroe, go west on Rt. 25 and follow on Rt. 25 North pass the newtown Flag pole (1.5 miles) follow on Rt. 25 (also Mt. Pleasant Ave) to junction of Rt. 6/25 in Hawleyville follow Rt. 6 into Bethel, Ct. (5.5 miles) pass Old Hawleyville Road (5.6 miles), pass Vail Rd. (6.4 miles), follow to Danbury (7.3 miles) go left onto Newtown Ave (Old Rt. 6), see Danbury line at (8.7 miles) follow onto White St., under walkway at WCSU, continue on white St left onto Main St. (10.1 miles) right onto West St. (10.4 miles), see War m3morial on left (10.7 miles) continue straight on, now Lake Ave and take a left at the big 'Mall' sign (11.7 miles) go over the RR (12.3 miles) and ake the next hard right nd go under hwy take a left onto Sugar Hollow Rd. (12.5 miles), go right onto Miry Brook Rd. (13.1 miles), see airport on right follow straight to Backus Rd., go left on Backus (14.3 miles) pass Wooster School on the right, following Backus Rd. to George Washington Hwy (14.9 miles) follow to Canterbury Rd, see Congregational Church, go left on Canterbury Road Ridgefield Golf Club is the vicinity of Camp 11 at Ridgebury.

Ridgebury, CT
July 2nd-march from Ridgebury, CT
to Bedford, NY (Camp#12)

Marching from Camp 11 in Ridgebury, Ct. to Camp 12 in Bedford, NY Continue west on Mopus Bridge Rd (Ridgebury Rd), pass Regan Rd. on left (1.2 miles)..follow staight on also pass Ledges Rd. (2.0 miles) and pass Ridgebury High School (2.5 miles0 go right on Rt. 116 and ENTER NEW YORK (3.6 miles) follow Rt. 116/121, going left thru Old Salem Center, on Titicus Rd follow Rt. 121 at fork (5.9 miles) follow RT. 121 pass junction with Rt. 138 (8.6 miles) pass John Jay High School on the right (10.8 miles) go right at junction, following Rt. 121 to Town of Bedford sign (11.7 miles) cross over Cross River Resevoir (13 miles) toward Bedford, following Rt. 22 -S....(16. 3 MILES) see Bedford Town Green on Rt. 22 (16.5 miles) Camp 12, Bedford, NY

Bedford, NY
July 3rd-march from Bedford, NY
to New Castle (Mt. Kisco), NY (Camp #13)

From Bedford Town Gren, follow rt. 22 back to Guard Hill Rd. pass Clark Rd. on the left (2.8 miles) pass Clock Tower/Succabone Rd. (3.7 miles) pass over Guard Hill (4.7 miles) take a left on McLain St. (5.4 miles) go right at end of McLain St. (6.5 miles) go left on Rt. 117 (7 miles) see Leonard Park in Mt. Kisco (New Castle).

* The Army Stays at New Castle, Tuesday  July 4 and  Wednesday, July 5 *

New Castle, NY
July 5th-march from New Castle, NY
to Philipsburg, NY (Camp #14)

Marching from New Castle, (Camp 13) to Philipsburg, NY (Camp 14) From Camp 13, Leonard Park in New Castle (Mt. Kisco), south on Rt. 117 and then left on Rt. 128 ( .7 miles) past Wampus Lake on the right (3.8 miles) left on Old Rt. 22 (6.0 miles) cross new Rt. 22 (6.8 miles) to Old Post Road.....Pass IBM on the left continue south on old Rt. 22 (Mt Kisco Rd), pass Kensico Resevoir on the right. cross the Rye Bridge ((8.9 miles) continue to follow Rt. 22, right onto Main St. (13.6 miles)...over bridge to Battle Ave follow Battle Ave, pass Flag Poles at Battle Whitney Park (15.2 miles) follow Battle Ave to end at Central Ave you are now in the vicinity of Philipsburg, NY, Camp 14.

* The Army camps at Philipsburg, NY for 6 weeks, *
* and will re-assemble on Aug 17th to continue to Yorktown, NY *
Philipsburgh, NY
Aug 19th Camp at the Odell House


August 19 / Saturday
17.5 miles
.0 Ridge Road to Hillcrest (Bear right downhill)
To Washington (Cars turn left here and then immediate right back on Washington)
Left on Central Park Ave (Rt 100)
Right on Battle Ave. Continue on Battle past Whitney-Battle Hill Park, then down hill on Battle to junction with Route 119.
Bear right on 119, going under railroad bridge and proceed down Main Street.
Turn left at third intersection down Main Street, which is Martin Luther King Boulevard (or Grove Street).
Go two blocks along Martin Luther King Boulevard to second intersection, turning right on Barker Avenue.
Proceed one block on Barker Avenue to next intersection, turning left on Cottage Place.
Follow Cottage Place one block bearing right when it becomes Rockledge Avenue.
Straight ahead on Rockledge Avenue for several blocks until it intersects with North Broadway (Route 22). At this point the Presbyterian Church and its old cemetery will be on your right.
Make a left at that intersection with North Broadway and proceed north
on Route 22.
Pass Shell Station (Sunoco?)
Left on 128 through village of Armonk
Right on Rt 117 to Hospital.
Hospital. French Army marker
Camp at Boy’s & Girl’s Club—Across the street

Pines Bridge, NY
Aug 20th March to New Castle

August 20 / Sunday
.0 Leave Hospital and head North on 117-Main Street
.9 Left onto South Main (133W) Uphill
Right on Crow Hill Road (Very narrow)
Right on Pines Bridge Road –Rt 100N – cross over reservoir
Left on 118 – River Road
Right on Hanover Road (Uphill!!)
Hanover Rd. Becomes Commerce Rd (Yorktown Heights)
Commerce is Rt 35/202 W
Hunt’s Tavern – French Army Camp
Camp at Hunt’s Tavern
Hunts Tavern, NY
Aug 21st March to Hunts Tavern

August 21-Monday
13.5 miles
.0 Turn right out of Hunt’s Tavern on Commerce-35/202W
Commerce becomes Crompond Rd-35/202W
Left on South Street
Right on Louisa
Left on John Walsh Blvd.
John Walsh becomes Broadway to Kings Ferry.
King’s Ferry
Camp at Ferry
Kings Ferry, NY
Aug 22nd March to Kings Ferry

Aug 22, 23 – Tuesday, Wednesday
.0 Cross Hudson River
Arrive Ferry landing by whaleboat- 2nd NY
Camp at Ferry Landing
Stony Point, NY
Aug 23rd Cross the Hudson River
Suffern, NY
Aug 24th March to Haverstraw/Suffern

STONY POINT FERRY LANDING to HAVERSTRAW and SUFFERN Aug 24 - Thursday 14.5 miles .0 Stony Point Ferry Landing March up to road Left on 9W/202 3.5 Haverstraw – Right on 220 to Suffern (Through Ramapo, Pomona, Montebello) 12.5? Left under overpass onto Washington Ave. About 100 yds. after railroad track turn into left side of Community center bldg. 14.5 Suffern Town Center FINISH Camp at Suffern Town Park
Pompton, NJ
Aug 25th March to Pompton, NJ

Aug 25 – Friday (State Line Crossing at 9:30) 16.3 miles .0 Cross circle and proceed on Washington Ave. .4 Left on 202 S .5 Immediate Right under overpass (State Line Ceremony) Continue straight on 202 S Ramapo College Ramapo Reservation sign Preserved farmland sign on right (small) Farm entrance 11. Right on Teahune Drive Road - 202 S 11.6 Right onto Jefferson over Ramapo River. Bear left on Lakeside. At end turn right until you reach Colfax Rd. Left on Colfax 12.9 Left on Wanaque Ave (in town) 13.7 Right on 511 (at monument) 14.7 Left on Newark-Pompton Tpke (at Sunoco Station) At end of Tpke make left on Rt 23. Get in right lane Right at second light. Continue straight 16.3 Pass Reformed Church on right, Town offices on left, past High school on right to Library on right. French Army Camp. FINISH Camp at Library
Whippany, NJ
Aug 26th March to Whippany

POMPTON to WHIPPANY August 26, Saturday 14.8 miles .0 Turn right out of Library .5 Right at first light – Rt 504 – Jacksonville Rd. .8 Left at first light-Boulevard – RT 511 1.6 Boulevard becomes Ryerson Road 1.9 Right on Comly – 511 2.9 Right on Main St – 633 W Junction of Booton Tpk-202-Go straight Road turns into 202/633 W 5.1 Firehouse Road – 202 (Towards town) 6.4 Left on Changebrook Ave. – Rt 621 7.2 Enter Montville 8.2 Right on River Road 8.7 Left on Knoll Road (cross River) 8.9 Left on Beverwyck Road through town of Hiawatha 10.9 Cross over Rt 80 12. Bear right on Reynolds (DO NOT TAKE S. BVERWYCK turn) 12.4 Bear left on Reynolds (corner of Smith and Reynolds) 12.6 Pass Old Troy Park 13.2 Enter Hanover 14.3 Left on Parsippany Road. Go through light-cross River—railroad. 14.7 Right on Whippany Road—511 14.8 Left into Lucent Technology Park --French Camp. FINISH Camp at Old Troy Park
Liberty Corner, NJ
Aug 27th March to Liberty Corner

August 27, Sunday
16.5 miles
.0 Left on 511 – Whippany Road to Morristown
2.8? Road splits—bear right on Lafayette
3.6 Left on Ridgedale
3.7 Right at light – 510 – Morris
4.0 Bear left at Spring St & Morris. Stay on Morris
4.1 Right on East Park (Big Park in center of town) 202 S
Left at end of green
At Washington ST go Straight ahead on 202 S –Mt Kimble Road
9.9 Left on North Maple –Town of Morris
Cross 287
11.7 Right on Oak into Basking Ridge
Road splits at light. Turn Left through town.
Finley St becomes Lyon Rd.
15.5 Here is a detour? Make a right on Lyons Road.
16.3 Liberty Corner center. Continue straight past traffic island
16.5 English Farm. Second drive on right
Camp at English Farm
Millstone, NJ
Aug 28th March to Millstone

August 28, Monday
15 miles
.0 Leave farm-right
.2 Bear right on 525 S on to Martinsville Road
.6 Enter Warren Township
1.0 Cross 1-78
4.0 Enter Bridgewater
4.4 Right on 620 W
4.6 Left on Newman’s Lane (Hills)
6.2 Left on Steel Gap Road
6.5 Left on Foothill road
6.8 Cross over 1-287
7.5 At end of Road turn right on Finderhene Road
7.7 Through intersection-straight on Finderhene Road
8.3 Left on East Main St.
8.9 Enter Manville. Straight
12.3 Becomes Millstone Rd.
13. Left on Millstone River Road-Rt 533
14-15 Millstone Borough Hall
Camp at Borough Hall
Princeton, NJ
Aug 29th-30th March to Princeton

August 29, Tuesday
14 Miles
.0 Left on Millstone River Road
5.7 Left over bridge-RT 532
6.1 Right at Canal Road – Rt 632 W
9.2 Right at light over bridge/River onto Washington St. –RT 518
9.6 Left on Princeton Ave.
10.7 Left on Mt. Lucas Road
11.1 Enter Princeton
12.9 Mount Lucas becomes Witherspoon St.
14. Nassau St. Nassau Hall. Nassau Street/
Left on Nassau Street. Bear left on Stockton St. RT 206 S.
14.5 To Morven – Richard Stockton House at 55 Stockton St.
Camp at Morven
Trenton, NJ
Aug 31th March to Trenton

August 29, 30, 31-Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11 Miles
.0 Right on Stockton St. –RT 206
Stockton becomes Old Post Road –Rt 206
Old Post Road becomes Lawrenceville Road –Rt 206
Lawrenceville Rd becomes Brunswick Ave –Rt 206
At intersection of Broad St (One way) and N. Warren follow N. Warren
After about 8 blocks turn
Right onto Lafayette
Follow to end-Barrack Street
Camp at Old Barracks
Red Lion Tavern – (Bristol), NJ
Sept 1st March to Red Lion Tavern,(Bristol) PA

Sept 1, 2, 3 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
13 Miles
.0 Leave Barracks.
Left on State Street
Left on Calhoun St.
Make a right onto West St. Bridge (Calhoun)
Make left on S. Pennsylvania Ave. Take to Bristol Pike.
Past RT 1. Continue Straight
Right on W. Philadelphia St. (Bristol Pike)
Bear right towards Fallsington onto Tyburn Road (ON HIGHWAY-1st EXIT)
1st exit get off (IMMEDIATE). Turn left at end of exit onto Old Bristol Road
Road closed to cars. Marchers continue straight.
Marchers continue straight through closed road which is old Bristol Pike. That turns into N. Radcliffe.
? Follow Radcliffe into and through Bristol to Mill St. and then Otter St. to intersection of Rt 13 and Rt 413.
13. Continue onto Red Lion Inn site (no marker) at County line
Camp in Bristol.
Philadelphia, PA
Sept 2nd-3rd March to Philadelphia

September 3 – Sunday
21 miles NOTE: Mileage count is incorrect
.0 Begin at Red Lion Inn Site
Resume on Rt 13 S
.? Junction of Bristol Pike and Grant— Bristol Pike becomes Frankford Ave.
.? Junction of Frankford and Harbison stay straight on Frankford. Rt 13 turns right on Harbison. Do not Take RT 13.
.? Follow Frankford to Junction N. Columbus Blvd. Straight onto Blvd.
.? Turn right on Market St.
.? Follow Market St. through town—over river to 30th Street.
21. ? Turn right into Train Station area. French Army Camp.
Camp at banks of Susquehanna River
Chester, PA
Sept 4th March to Chester

PHILADELPHIA 30th Street Station to CHESTER
September 4 – Monday
13 miles NOTE: Mileage count is incorrect
.0 West on Market St.toward S 34TH ST.
.6 Left on 34th Street – RT 13 S.-at 5 blocks turn
1.0 Right on Walnut
Left on 38th Street –After 3 blocks the road splits
2.?? Right on Baltimore – One block later road splits again
Bear Right on Baltimore – RT 13
5.6 Left on Church Lane – RT 13 (Fernwood Cemetery on Right)
6.5 Right on MacDade Blvd – RT 13
9. MacDade becomes Chester Pike – RT 13 -Straight across-DO NOT TURN
11? Cross Bridge – Turn Right on Ridley
Cross under RT 95. Follow around to 14th Street
Turn right Melrose Street – 4 blocks to 17th Street
Camp at Washington Park
Wilmington, DE
Sept 5th March to Wilmington, DE

September 5 – Tuesday
About 15 miles
.0 Right out of School
Back to 14th Street to 320 S
Left on Edgemont
.6 Right to 9th Street – RT 13
1.2 RT 95 Entrance here
2.9 Left on Highland. –RT 13 (Alt. 13 goes straight.)
Go three blocks over tracks
3.3 Right on W 4th Street
W 4th becomes Post Road
4.7 Post Road becomes 10th Street – RT 13
10th Street becomes Philadelphia Pike (MARCUS HOOK)
Abt 6 Cross State line – About 9:30- 10 Robinson House
7.2 Cross over Rt 495
7.8 Take 13 S Businesses—Straight on Philadelphia Pike
Bellevue State Park- lunch
13 Philadelphia Pike becomes Market Street at junction w/ Marsh Rd.
13.6 Bridge over Brandywine -Park
Immediately across bridge of Brandywine
Right on South Park to
Left on West Street to
12th Street – right 1 block
Left on Washington
Straight ahead to Martin Luther King Blvd/Lancaster Ave.
Abt. 15 Directly across is S. Justison./Adams – French Army Camp.
Camp at Richardson mill
Christiana, DE
Sept 6th March to Christiana: Iron Hill

September 6, Wednesday
15.5 miles
.0 Right on Martin Luther King Blvd about 5 blocks (Under Rt 95)
Left on South Jackson
Bear right/straight on Maryland Ave. – RT 4
1.3 Canby Park on right- Talley Bros Brickmill house
2.1 Delaware Military Academy –Left on Middleboro Road
Maryland Ave-RT 4 turns into Newport Pike at junction of Boxwood
3.0 Enter Newport – RT 4W - Newport: French Army Camps
5.4 Rt 4 W now joins Rt 7 S – Straight (highway)
6.6 Follow Rt 7 s – Rt 4 bears right –Stay on Rt 7 (highway)
7.1 Straight – over Rt 95
8.3 Take 2nd exit – 164 B to Christiana
8.6 Left at end of Exit – Christiana – Rt 75
8.7 Straight on Old Baltimore Pike (DO NOT take Rt 7 S)
At highway crossing stay straight
13.6 Junction Rt 72 – Straight
14.3 Cooch’s Bridge
15.4 Iron Hill Museum
Camp at Iron Hill Museum
Head of Elk (Elkton) MD
Sept 7th March to Head of Elk (Elkton) MD

September 7, Thursday
5.4 miles
.0 Right out of drive on Old Baltimore Pike-281 W
1.9 DE/MD border – Road becomes Red Hill road – RT 281
Red Hill Road becomes E. Main St then W Main St.
3.9 Left on Delaware
4.0 Right on Howard Street – Rt 213
4.3 Stop sign. Continue on Howard to End.
Turn right on S. Bridge Street and make first left on to Main Street – RT 7
Continue for two blocks to Landing Lane. TURN LEFT
5.1 Cross over Highway. Straight
5.4 Straight through Stop sign to Elkton Landing. Hollingsworth Mansion
Camp at Elkton Landing
Plum Point—Probable debarkation Point, (Today’s Charleston)

Cummings Tavern, Lower Ferry, (Perryville), MD

Sept 8th March to Rogers Tavern, (Perryville)

September 8, Friday
13.8 miles
.0 Leave landing.
Left on Rt 40 –West Pulaski Highway (Begin walking)
.7 Left on Rt 7 W E. Old Philadelphia Road(Country)
5.6 Old Phil. Road become’s Cecil Ave.
After passing through town of North East –Cecil Ave. becomes W. Old Philadelphia Ave.
6.1 Underpass-Clearance is 12’ 6”
10.6 Left on RT 40 – Pulaski Highway
11. Left at light on to Principo Furnace Rd. - RT 7
13.1 In center of Perryville Principo Furnace Rd becomes Broad St – Rt 7
13.8 Rogers Tavern
Camp at Susquehanna River Lockhouse

Bush Town, MD (or Hartford) Now Bush, MD

Sept 9th March to Bush Town (Bush)

September 9, Saturday
12.2 miles
.0 Take Erie back to Juanita
Left on Juanita – Go 13 blocks to
.9 Right on Revolution St. (Old Post Road) – RT 7
2.0 Left on 40 W – Pulaski Highway
Become’s South Philadelphia Blvd
Near Aberdeen Proving Ground on left look for
Old Philadelphia Road on left. – Rt 7
Road crosses over New Philadelphia Blvd
Continue straight across on Old Philadelphia Rd – RT 7
(Junction of Calvary Road. Center of Bush)
12.3 + Rochambeau Marker.
Camp on French Army Camp Site
White Marsh, MD
Sept 10th March to White Marsh

September 10, Sunday
11.5 miles
.0 South on Philadelphia Road – RT 7
11.3 Left on Ebenezeer Road
11.5 Rochambeau marker on left side of road.
Camp at Jerusalem Mill.
Baltimore, MD
Sept 11th-12th March to Baltimore

September 11, Monday
13.4 miles
.0 From marker return to Rt 7
.2 RT 7 south – Turn left
5.0 Intersection of 588 –Golden Ring Road
7.3 Merge with RT 40 W – Follow RT 40 Pulaski Hwy
10. Pulaski becomes Orleans St. – RT 40 at Junction of Elmwood Ave.
12.2 Orleans becomes Franklin – RT 40 - at junction of St Paul’s Place
12.3 Left on Cathedral
12.7 Cathedral becomes Liberty
Liberty becomes N. Hopkins Place
Right on Lombard
13.4 Left on S. Howard.
13.5 Arrive Camden Yards
Camp at Fort McHenry
Waterloo, MD
Sept 13th March to Spurrier's Tavern (Waterloo)

September 12, 13, Tuesday & Wednesday
12.3 miles
.0 From corner of Green and Washington. Follow Washington (Left)
Rt 1 – Alt 295
.2 Junction Martin Luther King Blvd. –Straight across
.5 Slight left at junction of Cross Street.
.9 Mount Claire Mansion Park on right
1.0 Junction Carroll Street. Straight
1.6 Camp Carroll Park Gulf Course on right. Rt 95 exit.
Straight on Washington Blvd.
4.2 Left on Old Washington Blvd. Bear right up hill
4.6 Merge w/ new Washington Blvd.
6.6 Patasco State Park on right
7.2 Left on Old Washington Road. ( Elkridge Landing)
8.5 Merge with new Washington Blvd.
10.1 Junction RT 100 to Glen Burnie
12.1 Waterloo Police Station – Rochambeau Camp marker
Spurrier’s Tavern. Actual site is across road at next light—Holiday Inn grounds.
12.3 Junction 175. – Holiday Inn
No camp identified.
Millersville, MD
Sept 14th March to Scott’s House

September 14, Thursday
16.8 miles
.0 At Intersection of RT 175 & Washington Blvd. turn LEFT
Onto Rt 175 – Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road becomes Jessup Road at County Line
Junction of Rt 170 Jessup Road becomes Annapolis Road
11.4 At junction of Rt 175 –Annapolis Road and RT 3 go straight to Millersville Road
Junction of Waterbury Road bear left on Millersville Road.
13. Right on Generals Highway –Severn Crossroads Church
14.9 Rising Sun Inn
15.5 Left on Rt 178 _ Generals Highway to Annapolis
17.8 Scott’s House – Belvior - French Camp (Sept 16-17)
Camp at Scott’s House – Belvoir
Annapolis, MD
Sept 15th March to Annapolis

September 15, Friday --16,17 Saturday, Sunday
Abt. 6 miles
.0 Left on Rt 178 –Generals Highway
3.1 Rt 178 becomes Rt 450 E – West Street – Stay straight
3.3 Junction Jennifer Road – Straight
Abt 6.
The Marchers are staying at the  Charles Carroll House in Annapolis for the weekend
Monday  September 18th they will follow the 1781 route from Bowie to  the Ames House near New Carrolton
They will be camping  at the BostWick Mansion
Bowie, MD
Sept 16th March to Bowie

September 19, Tuesday
13 miles
.0 Left out of Sacred Heart Church on 450 W – Annapolis Road
2. Junction 197- Straight
2.8 Ignore detour—straight
4.7 Junction 193 –straight
6.0 Bear right on 450 Annapolis Road
8.5 Enter Carrolton
12.2 Enter Bladensburg
13. 3 River side park area.
No camp identified

Blandensburg, MD
Sept 17th-19th March to Bladensburg

We will meet the Marchers at Eastern Avenue (DC line) and Rhode Island Avenue, NE at 9:00 am on Wednesday the 20th of September. Event of passing lantern (Lighting Freedoms Flame) and greetings. Continue southwest on Rhode Island Avenue. Turn right on Florida Ave (old boundary road). Stop at 7th street and Florida Avenue NW.

Lunch at Howard University as guest of Dean Jim Donaldson of the Department of Arts and Science. Return to Florida and 7th street.

Continue on Florida Ave. to 9th street. Turn right one block and left onto V street. Turn right again into Florida Ave and follow it all the way to Massachusetts Ave.

Stop at Anderson House, Headquarters of The Society of Cincinnatti. Return to P street and Florida Ave as it becomes 23rd street. Continue west on P street to ford Rock Creek. Continue on P street to first left at Mill road around Rose Park to 27th street. continue south on 27th street to Olive street. Turn right on Olive one block to 28th street. Turn left on 28th street to M street. Right on M street. Go west 2 1/2 blocks to The Old Stone House where there will be an interpretive program. Continue west on M street to Key Bridge. Stop at Forrest Marbury House (3360 M) at 34th & M streets.

Spend the night at Halcyon House, 3400 Prospect street  (1 block north from 34th & M).

Georgetown, DC
*updated 09/15/2006*
Sept 20th March to Georgetown, DC

After marching through Georgetown we will camp somewhere in Arlington, the evening of the 20th (site not determined.)

On the morning of Sept 21 we will drive to Mount Vernon to camp until the morning of the 24th. The W3R has asked us to delay our "official" march into Virginia until the morning of the 23rd so that more people can attend the border crossing ceremony at the Francis Scott Key Bridge.
The ceremony will happen about 8:00 AM as we cross and enter Virginia.

We will then walk down the GW Trail to Mount Vernon. Although this is not the actual route we are giving ourselves a treat after marching through cities and urban areas since Princeton. We will be camped at Mount Vernon on Sept 21, 22.

Mount Vernon, VA
Sept 21st-23rd March to Mount Vernon,VA

September 24, Sunday
10.3 miles
.0 Follow RT 235 S. – Mt. Vernon memorial Pkwy
2.9 Grist Mill
3.4 Left on RT 1 – Richmond Highway
3.7 Fort Belvoir
6.4 Left on Old Colchester Road (Pohick Church 1 mile further on RT 1)
7.4 Pohick Stream
8.3 Junction Gunston Road
10.3 Junction Old Colchester Road and Furnace Rd.
10.7 Occaquan River. French Army Camp.
Camp at Pohick Bay Regional Park
Colchester, VA
Sept 24th March to Colchester

September 25, Monday
9.3 miles
.0 Intersection of Old Colchester & Furnace Rd.
Right on Furnace
.3 Left on RT 1 – Richmond Highway
.6 Cross over Occaquan River
Richmond Highway becomes Jefferson Davis Highway – RT 1
8.5 Junction of RT 234 and Dumfries Road
Jeff Davis Highway becomes N. Fraley Blvd. – RT 1
8.8 Bear right on Main St.
8.9 Right on Washington
9.1 Left on Cameron
9.3 Weems-Botts Museum
Camp at Weems-Botts Museum
  Sept March to 25th
Dumfries, VA
Sept 26th March to Peyton’s Tavern

September 26, Tuesday
9.8 miles-hilly
.0 Leave Weems-Botts Museum. Straight on Cameron.
.1 Left on Mine Street
.4 Right on Main Street
Bear right on Rt 1
Junction 637
Aquia Catholic Monument on left
Old Aquia Episcopal Church
Peyton’s Ordinary
Camp at Aquia Episcopal Church (built 1751-1757)

Fredricksburg, VA
Sept 27-28 March to Fredericksburg

September 27, 28, Wednesday & Thursday
11.2 miles-hilly
.0 Continue south on Rt 1
Junction 687/631
Junction 628
Junction 676-627
Junction 175/218/Rt2 South (Falmouth) Princess Anne St.
St Georges Episcopal Church
Camp at Ferry Farm
Sept 29th March to Col. Dangerfield’s

September 29, Friday
7.5 miles
.0 St Georges Church. Continue straight on Princess Anne St-Rt 17/Rt2.
.4 Railroad Overpass
.6 Turn right on Rt 17/Rt2
.7 Left on 17/Rt2 South –Charles St.
Dixon Rd past Dixon Park
Junction 17/2. Left on Rt 17 –Tidewater TRL to Belvedere
Belvedere Plantation on left
Camp at Belvedere Plantation.
Bowling Green, VA
Sept 30th March to Bowling Green

September 30, Saturday
16 miles
Turn right onto Tidewater TRL/US 17. Go 1.4 miles and turn left on Rt 2 / Sandy lane.
.0 Pick up at Junction of Rt 17 and Rt2 south –Fredericksburg Pike
Corbin Post Office
Junction 668
Turn on 626 to 609 -Rozell Road-Stay straight
Deserted town of Woodford
Left on 609 –Woodslane
Right on Rt 2 – Fredericksburg Pike
Right on Farmers Road (631?)
Right on Rt 2 – Fredericksburg Pike
Intersection of Broaddus Road and Rt 2
Bowling Green Courthouse.
Camp at Chase’s End Farm
Dawn, VA
Oct 1st March to Dawn, VA (Lynch’s Tavern)

October 1, Sunday
15 miles
.0 Continue on from Courthouse-RT 2 South-Fredericksburg Pike
.5 Junction of 301
.7 Immediately after 301 turn right on RT 695-Edwards St.
Right on Rt 2-301 South-Richmond Turnpike
Junction Morehead’s Road
Take 627
To 654
Abt 10. Take 656 - Dry Bridge Road
To 648 (to Lorne)
To 649
Abt 14. To 600-Frog Level Road (Right)
Abt 14.2 To 602-Left
Abt 14.5 Cross over RT 2/301 South-Enter Old Dawn River Rd (651)
Junction of Rt 301- RT 30 - DAWN
No camp identified.
Hanover, VA
Oct 2nd March to Hanovertown

October 2, Monday
15.5 miles
.0 From center of town follow RT 301 / RT 30 at intersection turn
Left onto 651
1. Junction Rt 301/RT 2 – continue straight on 651 – Baylor Road
1.5 Junction 301/2 – straight onto Mt Gideon Rd – RT 651
3.5 Junction 301/2 – straight on Little Page Bridge Rd – take small lane to left
4. Junction 301/2 turn right – Cross over Pamuncky River. Enter Hanover County
6.1 Junction 54 east- stay on Rt 301 – Richmond Road / Rt 2
6.5 Hanover Courthouse
7.6 Left on RT 605 – Cornwallis’ route
12 Junction Williamsburg Road – straight on 605
15.4 Hanovertown marker (Hanover city)
Camp at Hanover Courthouse Park
Old Church, VA
Oct 3rd March to Old Church (Hartfield)

October 3, Tuesday
9.2 miles
.0 Continue on from site marker on Rt 605 – River Road
.6 Junction River Road & Hanovertown Road – Follow RT 604 Hanovertown Road (Straight)
2.1 Junction 604 & Rt 606 – Turn left ( East) on Studley Road
3.3 Battlefield Hill
4.1 Junction Rt 360 – Cross road onto Old Church Rd – RT 606
5.6 Old Church town line.
7. Continue straight on Old Church Road. To junction of Rt 629. Stay straight on Rt 606.
9.2 Old Church Community Center/ Emmanuel Episcopal Church
No camp identified.
New Kent, VA
Oct 4th March to New Kent

October 4, Wednesday
14.5 miles
.0 Leave Community Center – continue on RT 606 – Old Church Rd.
2.2 Enter Kent County
4.3 Cross over Railroad
4.6 Junction 612 – stay straight
7.2 Junction 609 Talleysville Rd. – straight on 609 (Do not turn)
7.7 NOTE: Turn left for St Peter’s Church –RT 642. Talleysville.
Follow to end of driving road. Proceed under wire (closing road) by foot.
About 1.5 miles. This is original Rt 642. Continue on the until it ends up on Chestnut Hill Road to Rt 249. (If you end up on Old River Road make a right to Rt 249.)
Note: Mileage will be off here for the marchers.
8.4 Left on Rt 249- New Kent Highway
9.9 Pelham Swamp
10.4 Junction 604
12.3 Junction Rt 608 To Providence Forge
13.9 Junction Rt 605 – Egypt Road – Enter New Kent
14.4 Right on Rt 648 to New Kent Courthouse.
14.5 New Kent Courthouse
Camp at Crump’s Mill (Talleysville)
Oct 5th March to Barhamsville (Byrd’s Tavern)

October 5, Thursday
.0 Start New Kent Courthouse – Right on Rt 249 – New Kent Highway
.2 Junction 637
.6 Junction 623
2. Right on Rt 627 Stage Road
3.5 Junction Rt 632 – Straight on Rt 632 E – Stage Road
6.4 Junction Rt 33 – Eltham Road / 4 lanes. Continue straight across
8. Junction Homestead Road- Straight – Dirt road
9.4 Stop sign – Junction RT 632 & RT 621 Ropers Church Road – Dirt road.
Continue straight on Rt 632 Stage Road
10.4 Junction Rt 30 E – New Kent Highway
Left to junction New Kent Highway – Barham Road
Look for Barhamsville / tavern marker.
Camp at Taono Upper County Park
Williamsburg, VA
Oct 6th March to Williamsburg

October 6, Friday
16.3 miles
.0 From Tavern sign head East on New Kent Highway
Cross from New Kent County to James City County. New Kent Highway becomes Old Stage Road. Old Stage becomes split highway. Cross under Rt 64 and pass entrance ramps. Immediately turn right on Old Stage Road (2.8 miles) /Shell station. Rt 746
4.1 Junction Barhamsville Rd RT 60 Cross and continue straight on Rt 746
4.4 Junction 600
5.4 Junction Richmond Highway RT 30. Old Stage becomes Rochambeau Drive
9.7 Junction Rt 60. Right to Norge (Town)
Cross Rt 607 Croaker Road. Continue on Rochambeau
Leave James City County enter York County
Rochambeau Drive becomes Lightfoot Road
Pass Mooretown Road
Left on OLD Mooretown Road
Right on Waller Mill Road
Right on Bypass Road RT 60
Left on Richmond Road
15.1 Left on Lafayette
16. Right on North Henry
16.3 Left on Duke of Gloucester
Colonial Williamsburg.
No camp site identified.
Yorktown, VA
Oct 7th March to Yorktown, VA

October 7, Saturday
Abt 15 miles
.0 From Duke of Gloucester right on Queen Street
Left on E. Francis Street
Right on Pocahantas Trail RT 60
Junction of RT 199 get on 199 East
Get off very first exit- Merrimac Trail (Immediate)
5.4 Exit for Busch Gardens
Leave James City enter Newport News City
Merrimac becomes Jefferson Ave.
Cross under RT 64
Left on Yorktown Road RT 238
Yorktown Road becomes Old Williamsburg Road
Abt 15.Williamsburg Road into Yorktown – Water Street
Camp at Endview Plantation.
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