March to Yorktown:
2006 Route

Camp: March Date:

Plainfield, CT

June 20th-march from Plainfileld, CT
to Windham, CT (Camp # 4)

Leaving Plainfield, Ct. going west on Cemetary Rd., follow to Rt. 14-A, and then Rt. 14, follow Rt. 14 for quite a long distance to Windham Village, Ct., follow on to Plains Road to the Shetucket River, where the Army cmaped for the evening (14.7 hilly miles) This route will take us through the towns of Plainfield, Canterbury, Westminster, Scotland and Windham Village, Ct.

Windham, CT
June 21st-march from Windham Village, CT
to Bolton, CT (Camp #5)

Leaving Windham Village, CT, going westerly on Pleaseant St., (Columbia) to Old Willimantic Rd., to connect with Rt. 66, follow Rt. 66 west to Rt. 87, and on Rt. 6 again, going then west on Rt. 6, to Center St (Andover), back to Rt. 6, west to Hutchinson Rd., past the Daniel White Tavern at the sign of the Black Horse, to Rt. 6 again, to Steele's Crossing, to Bolton Center Rd., to Camp #5 (Rose Farm), in Bolton, Ct. .......(16.8 miles) This part of the route takes us through the Towns of Windham Village, Willimantic, Columbia, Andover, Coventry and Bolton, Ct.

Bolton, CT
June 22nd-march from Bolton, CT
to East hartford, CT (Camp #6)

Leaving Rose Farm on Bolton Center Rd, follow to Rt. 85, follow to Rt. 44, going west on Rt. 44 through the Town of Manchester, follow on to Spenser St., follow to Silver Lane, which eventually ends at the Connecticut River (Great River Park) (13.1 miles) this part of the route takes us through the Towns of Bolton, Manchester, East Hartford, Ct. The Army camped here for two days and we will do the same....we will be available for celebratory functions on Friday and Saturday, the 23rd and 24th of June we then will step off on Sunday, June 25th going to camp in Farmington.......more to follow after the survey work has been completed

* The Army remains in Camp on Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th *

East Hartford, CT
June 25th-march from East Hartford, CT
to Farmington, CT (Camp #7)

Going out of Hartford on Asylum Avenue, going left at the fork in the road onto Farmington Ave, Rt. 4 West, through West

Farmington, CT
June 26th-march from Farmington, CT
to Marion, CT (Southington) (Camp #8)

Follow Rt. 4 to Unionville, to Rt. 10 South, to Rt. 322 west, to Marion. I did find a marker for the French Camp, on Rt. 322, across the street from the Marion Post Office.

Barnes' Tavern, CT
(present Marion, CT)
June 27th-march from Marion, CT
to Break Neck, CT (Camp #9)

From Camp #9 at Mation, go west on Rt. 322, 1 mile, at the top of the hill follow straight on the Meriden/Waterbury Trpk., to Rt. 64 ((4.3 miles), go right on East Main St. (Waterbury), folow straight to the War Memorial monument, then go left on West Main St. (6.6 miles)follow straight in E. Main, cross Watertown Ave. (7.3 miles). Follow W. Main St., this turns into Chase Prky, continue straight on it, then right onto Rt. 64. Follow this, pass Rt. 63 (9.2 miles) at 10.5 miles see a sign for the Town of Middlebury, take the walking trail on the left side of the road until you see the sign for the Rochambeau Camp at 11.3 miles.

Break Neck, CT June 28th-march from Breakneck, CT
to Monroe, CT (Camp #10)

From Camp #9 continue west on Rt. 64, follow Rt. 64 and keep walking on the walking path on the left of the road, pass Lake Quassapaug (2.4miles), Right to Old Woodbury Rd (2.7 miles), follow to a right on Old Sherman Hill Rd. (3.6 miles), follow to a left at Main Rd. (5.9 miles) follow to a left at Rt. 6 (6.2 miles), and follow that West.....see Southbury Town line (7.5 miles), pass junction of Rt.6/63, stay on Rt. 6 (8.3) miles) pass Heritage Rd. (9.5 miles)go right on Main St. south (Southbury) follow straight to left onto bridge over hwy (12.5 miles)Take the first right, go over another bridge (13.1 miles) the straight nto to another bridge over Lake Zoar (14.2 miles) see sign of the Red Brick Tavern at Sandy Hook (15.9 miles) continue on straight, under hwy (16.3 miles) go right on Rt. 25 (17 miles)..follow Rt. 25 to Governor Horse Guard you are now in the vicinity of the Camp 10, at Monroe (18.2 miles)

* The Army is in Camp at Newtown, Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30 *

Monroe, CT
July 1st-march from Monroe, CT
to Ridgebury, CT (Camp #11)

Moving out of Monroe, go west on Rt. 25 and follow on Rt. 25 North pass the newtown Flag pole (1.5 miles) follow on Rt. 25 (also Mt. Pleasant Ave) to junction of Rt. 6/25 in Hawleyville follow Rt. 6 into Bethel, Ct. (5.5 miles) pass Old Hawleyville Road (5.6 miles), pass Vail Rd. (6.4 miles), follow to Danbury (7.3 miles) go left onto Newtown Ave (Old Rt. 6), see Danbury line at (8.7 miles) follow onto White St., under walkway at WCSU, continue on white St left onto Main St. (10.1 miles) right onto West St. (10.4 miles), see War m3morial on left (10.7 miles) continue straight on, now Lake Ave and take a left at the big 'Mall' sign (11.7 miles) go over the RR (12.3 miles) and ake the next hard right nd go under hwy take a left onto Sugar Hollow Rd. (12.5 miles), go right onto Miry Brook Rd. (13.1 miles), see airport on right follow straight to Backus Rd., go left on Backus (14.3 miles) pass Wooster School on the right, following Backus Rd. to George Washington Hwy (14.9 miles) follow to Canterbury Rd, see Congregational Church, go left on Canterbury Road Ridgefield Golf Club is the vicinity of Camp 11 at Ridgebury.

Ridgebury, CT
July 2nd-march from Ridgebury, CT
to Bedford, NY (Camp#12)

Marching from Camp 11 in Ridgebury, Ct. to Camp 12 in Bedford, NY Continue west on Mopus Bridge Rd (Ridgebury Rd), pass Regan Rd. on left (1.2 miles)..follow staight on also pass Ledges Rd. (2.0 miles) and pass Ridgebury High School (2.5 miles0 go right on Rt. 116 and ENTER NEW YORK (3.6 miles) follow Rt. 116/121, going left thru Old Salem Center, on Titicus Rd follow Rt. 121 at fork (5.9 miles) follow RT. 121 pass junction with Rt. 138 (8.6 miles) pass John Jay High School on the right (10.8 miles) go right at junction, following Rt. 121 to Town of Bedford sign (11.7 miles) cross over Cross River REsevoir (13 miles) toward Bedford, following Rt. 22 -S....(16. 3 MILES) see BEdford Town Green on Rt. 22 (16.5 miles) Camp 12, Bedford, NY

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