March to Yorktown:
Rhode Island
2006 Route

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Providence, RI
June 18-march from Providence, RI
to Waterman's Tavern, RI (Camp #2)

This march starts in downtown Providence and we have yet to go into the middle of the city and get accurate mileage. However, we will be leaving on Sunday morning, along Cranston Ave, to Rt. 12, then Rt. 12 and onto Scituate Ave, over the Kent Dam, still following Rt. 12 (now it turns into Tunk Road), left on Matteson Rd., on to Maple Valley Rd., to Waterman's Tavern. The distance is approx 17 miles and goes through the towns of Knightsville, Coventry

Waterman's Tavern, RI
(near present Pottersville)
June 19th-march from Waterman's Tavern, CT
to Plainfield, Ct. (Camp #3)

Leaving Waterman's Tavern, going west on Maple Valley Road, which turns into Waterman's Hill Road after crossing Rt. 102, follow to junction with Old Plainfield Pike (Rt. 14), going west to Connecticut follow 14-A into Plainfield to Cemetary Rd, camp for the evening (15.3 miles) This route has taken us through the towns of Vernon and Rice City in RI, and Oneco, Sterling Hill and Plainfield, Ct.


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